Photoshop7 vs Photoshop CS

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Olga Chranowsky, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. Can anyone give me advice on the comparison of Photoshop 7 vs CS.

    I'm a Photoshop user for many years, except having problems with PS7, it
    always crashes. Is CS alot more stable?

    olgac at videotron dot ca
    Olga Chranowsky, Jan 27, 2005
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  2. Olga Chranowsky

    _arrooke Guest

    Can anyone give me advice on the comparison of Photoshop 7 vs CS.
    Both versions are 'stable'. Each progressive version generally requires more
    computing power.
    _arrooke, Jan 27, 2005
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  3. Olga Chranowsky

    SpaceGirl Guest

    I have never, to this day, had a single PhotoShop CS crash under Windows
    XP. If you have plenty of RAM and a fairly fast CPU it runs like a
    dream. I never really had issues with earlier versions either. Perhaps
    your machine is just a bit out of date? Bad video drivers can cause
    problems too.


    x theSpaceGirl (miranda)

    # lead designer @ #
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    SpaceGirl, Jan 27, 2005
  4. Olga Chranowsky

    Hecate Guest

    I had a crash with XP/CS the first time I used it. I found that
    turning off the welcome screen cured it - it was simply that I was
    trying to give it input before it ready and the poor thing got
    confused <g>

    No trouble since, and never had any problems at all with 7.
    Hecate, Jan 27, 2005
  5. Olga Chranowsky

    Scruff Guest

    I use PS7 with a p4 2.0 MHz and 653 meg of ram on W2000 (which I think
    I push ps7 ridiculously and have never had it even blink.
    On top of that I'll have ps7, corel 9 and AI10 open at the same time and it
    still chugs along. I heard it does work even better with XP, but I haven't
    had the chance to switch yet.
    I've never used CS but I bet it would work just as well.
    Scruff, Jan 27, 2005
  6. Thx arrooke


    Olga Chranowsky, Jan 28, 2005
  7. Thx SpaceGirl,

    I'm running a Pentium 3 500, on WindowsXP.
    I know my video drivers r fine, but I will check for latest updates, thx for

    Olga Chranowsky, Jan 28, 2005
  8. Thx Hecate,
    I'll look into turning off the welcome screen, see if this will work for me

    Do u prefer working with CS? Are there any extra features compared to PS7?
    My system is a Pentium3 500, running WindowsXP.

    Olga Chranowsky, Jan 28, 2005
  9. Olga Chranowsky

    bmoag Guest

    You have a relatively slow processor by PS7 standards which could be part of
    the problem if you are working on large files. If you also do not have
    enough memory Photoshop can crash doing even basic operations on large
    files. You also do not say how your scratch discs are set up or if you have
    more than one hard drive in the computer. On underpowered computers a large
    file might be only 10mbs.

    Photoshop is an absolute reason to get a faster processor/more memory:
    there is an obvious benefit to not having to watch the hourglass as long or
    even see it. If you cannot upgrade your computer I would not get CS.

    In my experience CS is not as stable as Photoshop 7, and I run it on an
    Athlon3200 with gobs of memory and separate hard drives for scratch discs.
    It routinely hiccups performing some functions and has actually crashed on
    occasion for unknown reasons.

    However it is worth putting up with CS foibles if you are moving into
    digital only photography because of the tools CS has for working with raw
    images. Adobe hypes the other changes but they may or may not be useful to
    bmoag, Jan 28, 2005
  10. Olga Chranowsky

    MOP Guest

    I run PS 7 on a 2.8GHz P4 768Mb of ram and provided I don't ask it to do to
    much at the same time it's really stable, even with 300Mb image files but I
    do have a second 80Gb drive set to be a scratch disk. it *does* crash but
    not very often and normally only when I'm being silly and try to do
    something when the computer is flat out doing another operation. I would say
    if you are running a 500MHz P3 processor you might be better off getting a
    new PC instead of CS. and as everyone says as much ram as you can afford. I
    think if you try and run CS on your machine the problem will get worse not
    MOP, Jan 28, 2005
  11. Olga Chranowsky

    Hecate Guest

    Hi Olga,

    Yes, I do. Mainly for the ability to use adjustment layers etc in 16
    Hecate, Jan 29, 2005
  12. Thx for all the advice bmoag. However I've been using PS7 for a long while
    now, and just lately it started crashing. I also upgraded my video drivers.

    I do have 2 separate drives.
    I use PS7 for Web Graphics, as well as for digital photos.

    One more thing, my computer use to run Quake3 with no prob what so ever,
    that is why I can't understand a simple program like PS7 crashing.

    I guess I'll have to reinstall FireWorks again!

    Thanks again
    Olga Chranowsky, Jan 29, 2005
  13. I've been using PS7 for a long while, just lately it started crashing.

    I do have 2 separate drives, which I do use one drive for scratch disk.

    I don't understand, my computer use to run Quake3 with no prob, was very
    stable, now a simple program like PS7 giving me problems.

    I guess I'll just reinstall FireWorks for now, while troubleshooting my prob
    with PS7.

    Thx for your help
    Olga Chranowsky, Jan 29, 2005
  14. I have WindowsXP, it's just lately PS7 started crashing. I've been using PS7
    for a long time. I don't understand. I guess I'll have to keep
    toubleshooting so more, will use FireWorks for now.

    Olga Chranowsky, Jan 29, 2005
  15. Hi Hecate,
    So the adjustment layers r even better in CS, that's great to know.

    Once I figure out my problem as to why PS7 started crashing on me, I can
    then consider CS.
    I guess meanwhile I'll use FireWorks. Have u ever tried this program?

    Olga Chranowsky, Jan 29, 2005
  16. Olga Chranowsky

    Hecate Guest

    Use it all the time for web work. The included Image Ready that Adobe
    pretend is a useful program just isn't good enough.
    Hecate, Jan 30, 2005
  17. Olga Chranowsky

    Hecate Guest

    That really suggests it's something you have changed on your system
    Hecate, Jan 30, 2005
  18. I have to agree with you about Image Ready. If u need to make rollovers just
    use Java or even still CSS is great for the web along with FireWorks.

    Olga Chranowsky, Jan 30, 2005
  19. Olga Chranowsky

    Brian Guest

    Have you ever tried Photopaint 12? (A part of the CorelDraw 12 Graphics
    Suite). It is a fantastic programme, has the manipulation features of
    Photoshop plus more besides and is quicker to use. CorelDraw, the vector
    illustration programme is also great and also acts as a mulri-page DTP
    programme too (to a certain extent).

    Just some food for thought.

    Brian, Feb 6, 2005
  20. Thx Brian for the info.

    However I'll be using FireWorks for now, once again! Along with using FW,
    I'll use CSS which is great for the web and DreamWeaver.

    Have u ever tried FireWorks?

    Olga Chranowsky, Feb 6, 2005
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