[PIC] Canon 50mm 1.4

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Giovanni, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    Giovanni, Jun 4, 2008
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  2. Giovanni

    Pete D Guest

    Pete D, Jun 4, 2008
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  3. Giovanni

    Joel Guest

    I usually never like looking at low-rez image which doesn't give much
    option to see thing I like to see in detail.

    But just by looking at this specific photo I can see.

    1. It's not a type of photo you want to OFF everything around the tiny spot
    which happens to be the Left_Eye.

    2. If you just look at the picture you will see the LEFT_EYE is the only
    spot in focus. If you want the background is OFF then at least to have the
    whole face (or most of the face) in focus, not just the left_eye

    Canon 50mm f1.4 is not only a very sharp lens but rich very in color
    (contrast). I haven't used 50mm f1.4 on infant yet (I rarely use the 50mm
    f1.4) but for teen and adult it's very sharp and rich in colortone.
    Joel, Jun 4, 2008
  4. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    Joel ha scritto:
    The next photo I'll post in the original size.
    I have put the aperture to 1.4. To have more parts in focus I must to
    set the aperure value to 3 or 4?
    Giovanni, Jun 4, 2008
  5. Giovanni

    Joel Guest

    Just by looking at the focus of the small size I can pretty much be able
    to see that the original size won't be necessary.
    The smaller the aperture (larger number is smaller) the more DOF you will
    get, and it also depend on the distance as well. So, YES f3.3 or f4.x will
    give you more DOF, and F5.6 or F8 etc. will give you more sharpness etc..

    And if you have good post processing skill then you should be able to have
    the combination of Sharpness, Softness, Out Of Focus background etc..

    There are images we want OFF background as much as possible, some we only
    want some area, and some we want DOF. And depending on the camera you have,
    some newer generation of digital camera can have 6-9+ Focus Points, and we
    can have the choice between single (central focus) up to 9 or more and the
    between's. I usually use CF (Central Focus) so don't have much experience
    with multiple focus points.

    As I mentioned *infant* because if you pay attention to the difference
    between infant - kid - teen - male - female - elder - race etc.. you may see
    different skin-textures, colortones etc.. The camera may love some skintone
    more than other, and it can give beautiful rich warm skintone, some can be
    very pale yellow/green/brown/mud etc. with almost no texture.
    Joel, Jun 4, 2008
  6. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    Thanks Joel for your advices I'll come back with another photo in the
    next day...

    Giovanni, Jun 4, 2008
  7. Giovanni

    Joel Guest

    BTW, congrats on the beautiful baby. You should see me with camera and
    Joel, Jun 4, 2008
  8. Try AV mode with Aperture 2,8 and set ISO to 800, no problem with the 400D,
    that will give you more depth of field.
    Markus Fuenfrocken, Jun 6, 2008
  9. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    Ok boy, look this one iso 100 AV 2.5 1/100 postprocessing with photoshop.

    I think tomorrow to do one shot at with more DOF

    thanks for your time

    Giovanni, Jun 6, 2008
  10. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    Giovanni, Jun 6, 2008
  11. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    Joel ha scritto:
    Excuseme joel I have try to put the image to Hi-Rez but flickr don't acept
    someone do you now why??

    Giovanni, Jun 6, 2008
  12. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    Giovanni, Jun 6, 2008
  13. Giovanni

    Joel Guest

    This seems to have more DOF but still no go yet. And it seems like you
    don't have external flash but using the built-in flash, and you should tell
    and pick the good capture to post process instead of any (unless this is the
    best one you can capture).

    - By looking at the overexposed from the lower_left I am guessing you are
    using built-in flash (or directed flash). Or lamp?

    a. External flash not only give you more power, but more plexible, option.

    b. With external flash you can BOUNCE and you may want to learn to bounce
    flash from either ceiling, walls around you like back/side wall.

    - Many people don't like to use direct-flash on infant, and with your toy
    you should be able to capture sharp image without flash. You can try "P" (I
    rarely use P), or try something like

    - Mode = M (Manual)
    - ISO = 100-400 (depending on the lighting situation)
    - Shutter = 60-100 (since the baby won't move fast so you don't need
    faster shutter speed)
    - Aperture = f3.5 - 5.8 or so depending on the lighting situation.

    ** You can use "P" as Light Meter for the "M" setting.

    - Learn to pay attention to Histogram. And you usually have better chance
    to recover from little underexposed than overexposed, and I usually like
    little underexposed which I can get richer colortone from under than over.

    - Post Processing, just by looking at the processed image I can see you will
    need not only to spend more time on the camera, but few years on post
    processing (you should be able adjust the brightness using Level command)

    - Photography, you already have a great model who doesn't complain to
    practice, just pay attention to the histogram, the Meter level's

    I don't have Canon 400D, but my other Canons have the Meter display
    something like (below), and try to keep the Level around middle (the Level
    may show differently when using flash especially external flash as I don't
    use built-in flash to pay any attention to it).


    - Post Processing, even the image shows the lower part is brighter than
    upper part (unevenly), but if you are good with Photoshop then you should be
    able to solve the problem using Layers and Masking technique (of course with
    the combination of either Level, Curve etc..).

    Also, keep on trying especially portrait as you will learn lot more (post
    processing) from portrait (closeup or headshot) than most others, and
    especially human. Hehehe the ugly part of photograph human headshot that
    sooner or later you may find too many ugly parts of human figures, and you
    will need to learn to study the face to get the good angle, to hide the weak
    spot etc.

    P.S. Pay attention to the HISTOGRAM. And you may want to GOOGLE for
    information about Histogram which is pretty important.
    Joel, Jun 6, 2008
  14. Giovanni

    Joel Guest

    I am not Flickr user and hardly view image from flickr to know much about
    it. And the only reason I view yours because you want the feedback
    Joel, Jun 6, 2008
  15. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    Joel ha scritto:
    I have used a white box and I put the child inside of it :)
    I have read all, I'll go to work on it and many thanks again for your

    Giovanni, Jun 6, 2008
  16. Giovanni

    Joel Guest

    Whatever you have done to the image just won't look right. If you can't
    see that the image doesn't look right then it's either your monitor or
    something ain't right at your end. And I can't tell if it's the camera,
    lens, setting, or your post processing causes the image to overexposed and
    lot of mess. And I believe it's your post processing as it seems like you
    try to clean up the background, and something else to the image as it just
    doesn't look right (especially the Canon 50mm f1.4).

    - The image is overexposed

    - Some color channel's gone (damaged)

    - Lacking of contrast

    - Too soft and pale for Canon 50mm f1.4 (I believe your post processing)

    - I think the Red channel is still there (or most of them) but you try to
    destroy it. It's possible that you have some type of problem with the
    infant's skintexture which doesn't have much, or too smooth to have much
    detail (and not much blood to get richer skintone).

    - It's possible that you do not use flash, then use Photoshop to increase
    the brightness (I am just guessing). Also, since Photoshop requires lot of
    practicing to master, lot of tricks to make thing easier etc.. and I always
    encourage digital photographer to learn to master Photoshop (it may take
    some good years).

    But at the moment, you would suggest you to try to use ARC (Adobe RAW
    Converter) as the version comes with CS3 supports RAW and JPG, BMP etc..
    (same with LightRoom), and you may want to try RAW. Because RAW converter
    (ARC, Lightroom and others) is lot easier to learn than Photoshop, and much
    fewer commands for new users to mess up.

    Me? RAW doesn't give me much benefit so I don't care much about RAW, but
    for many people I believe RAW is a soul saver.
    Joel, Jun 6, 2008
  17. Giovanni

    Joel Guest

    Something doesn't look right with the photo, especially Canon 50mm f1.4 is
    a very sharp lens with very rich color those are lacking from the photo. And
    Canon 50mm f1.4 should be pretty sharp at f1.4 too
    Joel, Jun 6, 2008
  18. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    Giovanni, Jun 6, 2008
  19. Giovanni

    Giovanni Guest

    I go home... I'll come back monday and I hope with new photo :)

    Giovanni, Jun 6, 2008
  20. Giovanni

    Joel Guest

    The original is much better, it's a little soft but plenty good. Here is
    few thing you may try.

    1. LEVEL, use the Grey Eyedrop to select the grey area of his eye. It isn't
    dark enough but not so bad (and it may be vary depending on the spot you
    click on). Then SLIDE the Left_Arrow (Shadow/Black)to around "44" and you
    should get pretty good color right there (I am not running Photoshop at the
    moment but using graphic viewer to view the image)

    Also, you can try the AUTO-Level see if it hits the magic setting (I never
    use Auto, but sometime it can do some magical thing).

    2. You can use CURVE see if you can be able to come up with a better
    colortone, contrast etc..

    3. Few skin flakes on his face, ear, underarm etc., you can use Healing
    Brush or Healing Path (I am not testing to know which may work better).

    4. Because the lower part is little brighter than the face, as well as the
    length so the MAIN FOCUS seems to be the belly part. Here is few thing you
    may wanna try

    - Rotating the image to counterclockwise see if it will look better?
    Right now the photo is a little clockwise, but because his body curves to
    the left so I guess counterclockwise may do the trick? (just guessing).

    - The EYE is little too soft, so you may try to apply a little Sharpen to
    the eye (Opacity around 30-35 or so, or twice at opacity 25-30?). Just
    the eye part only see if it will give some pop.

    - *If* you want to brighten the face to match the lower part, then you may
    want to try the combination of

    "Layers", "Level", "Masking" etc.. and you can use "Masking" to
    remove/replace the background which I think you was trying to do, but this
    may require lot of practicing and knowing few quick tricks else it won't be

    Pay lot of attention to the "OPACITY", or you may want to do several times
    of Opacity=10 (like 5 times) then 1 Opacity=30 or 50. Or sometime you may
    want to do 2 or more *light* Level than 1 strong Level command.
    Joel, Jun 6, 2008
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