[PICS] The Lingering Death of a Hornworm

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by JimKramer, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. JimKramer

    JimKramer Guest

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  2. JimKramer

    ^Tems^ Guest

    ^Tems^, Sep 24, 2009
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  3. JimKramer

    Paul Furman Guest

    Paul Furman, Sep 24, 2009
  4. JimKramer

    JimKramer Guest

    JimKramer, Sep 24, 2009
  5. JimKramer

    Paul Furman Guest

    Just makes the apples more tasty, more protein <g>. What they do is wrap
    a leaf over a bud with silk, for protection and chew up the growth tips
    in privacy there. It doesn't kill the plant, just disfigures & damages
    flower buds. They seem to like almost any species of plant.

    I believe those were at f/8 and with the bellows cranked out for 5:1
    magnification, which I think effectively makes it a lot smaller f-stop?

    "According to the MP-E owner's manual:

    Effective f-number=f-number x (Magnification+1). I assume this is the
    case for any high magnification lens, not just Canon's.

    At 4x magnification:

    f/2.8 on the camera is really f/14.
    f/4.0 on the camera is really f/20.
    f/5.6 on the camera is really f/28.
    And so forth.
    At 4x showing f/16 on the camera the effective f-stop is f/80!"

    Paul Furman

    all google groups messages filtered due to spam
    Paul Furman, Sep 24, 2009
  6. JimKramer

    Eric Stevens Guest

    My old Nikon F801s with my 105mm Micro Nikkor used to perform this
    calculation for me automatically . It might show f/32 on the aperture
    ring on the lens but the display in the window would tell me f/45. I
    think all my succeeding cameras have done the same.

    Eric Stevens
    Eric Stevens, Sep 25, 2009
  7. JimKramer

    JimKramer Guest

    While I admit to using Wikipedia occasionally for a quick reference, it is
    so error bound as to be generally unpalatable. The tobacco hornworm and the
    tomato hornworm; while distinct articles exist for each, users have
    misidentified and/or mislabeled images of each. And it is not hard to ID
    them, tomato has a black horn and tobacco has a pink horn. As long as
    Wikipedia remains open for neophytes and imbeciles to butcher the entries I
    am unlikely to contribute.

    JimKramer, Sep 26, 2009
  8. JimKramer

    JimKramer Guest

    Thanks. I've know about them for a long time, but this one turned up on the
    hedges just outside my front door, had climbed to the top of an errant twig
    and was just begging to be photographed/documented. When I saw the wasp
    grub emerge from the side that was it. Inside it went to be mounted in the
    clamp. I was truly irritated when most of the wasps left the cocoons at
    night when I wasn't watching.

    JimKramer, Sep 26, 2009
  9. JimKramer

    JimKramer Guest

    I've been trying to decide what you contribute to any of the photo groups
    for some time. But the truth of it is, you are just a little prick. Go see
    a psychiatrist, work out your issues with him or her and come back in a few
    years, after your issues get worked out. Maybe they could get a room next to
    D-Mac for you?

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    JimKramer, Sep 26, 2009
  10. JimKramer

    JimKramer Guest

    Taking a 3 month break from this group was my therapy. That doesn't change
    the fact that Bret is a little prick to almost everyone on this group, and a
    big prick to the rest.

    JimKramer, Sep 26, 2009
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