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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Cheruska, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Cheruska

    Cheruska Guest

    Let us talk about photography and the way you love to see a photo
    instead of talking trash and say bad things about others opinions.

    Rules for reaction or posting:
    1) Try to post links to places where, in youre opinion, are quality
    2) When you post a link, pls react in a constructive way to at least
    someone else
    3) Have fun and learn from each other

    This is a link to my set of photo's made on april 23 2009.

    Cheruska, Apr 26, 2009
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  2. Cheruska

    Cheruska Guest

    It is worth something to me, but what i would love to see is people
    posting there own links to ZOO pics to compare and learn from each

    Cheruska, Apr 26, 2009
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  3. Cheruska

    Guest Guest

    Some zoos are more phorographer friendly than others. Many have those bloody
    chain link fences and others the animals are so far away that you need a
    humoungous zoom. What's your favorite zoo?
    Old Bob
    Guest, May 4, 2009
  4. Cheruska

    Cheruska Guest

    Hi Bob,

    I don't know where you live but the best zoo i ever been to is the
    Kruger Parc in South Africa ;)
    Second best must be the ZOO in Emmen in Holland. This is the best ZOO
    i knwo with as lessfences as possible to give a more natural view.

    Cheruska, May 4, 2009
  5. Cheruska

    jimkramer Guest

    Jackson, Mississippi - Zoo

    jimkramer, May 4, 2009
  6. Cheruska

    Cheruska Guest

    Cheruska, May 4, 2009
  7. Cheruska

    tony cooper Guest

    The game preserves in Africa are hardly zoo-like. The night before we
    checked into Masai Mara (Kenya), a lion had made a kill in the
    campground area. The two animals had crashed into a tent and knocked
    it down around the occupants. (The tents are canvas over wooden
    frames and with wooden floors and include toilet facilities.) If you
    walk around the area at night, an armed guard discreetly follows you

    There are no permanent buildings for tourist accommodations at Masai
    Mara. The "lodge", as they call it, is a group of framed tents.
    tony cooper, May 5, 2009
  8. Cheruska

    tony cooper Guest

    The best "night show" we had was two nights at Tree Tops. While Tree
    Tops was originally built in a fig tree, it's been expanded beyond
    that. There are two decks that face a water hole and a salt lick.
    Action all night. I think we finally went to bed about six in the
    tony cooper, May 5, 2009
  9. Cheruska

    Cheruska Guest


    Of course the Kruger parc isn't a zoo. Around the kruger are some
    private parcs and the smaller they are the more ZOO-like they become.

    What i love is the idea to get a ZOO to look like the Kruger. In Emmen
    they have a savanne where animals just walk around for instance. I
    have been there and stayed in some private game reserves as wel as in
    Skukuza (in Kruger). It has been great fun there (except the landing
    and car-ride in Johannesburg at 23:00 at night)
    Pictures at:

    Cheruska, May 5, 2009
  10. Cheruska

    Cheruska Guest

    Wow, that is a cool ZOO. Especially the fact they offer free live
    streams. There was not a lot going on when i looked but the idea is
    great in it looks very big.

    Do you have a pictures link from youre own savage duck?

    Cheruska, May 5, 2009
  11. Cheruska

    Peter Guest

    For me a 300mm, 35mm equivalent, is about as close to a perfect zoo lens as
    there is. It will handle about 95% of my needs.

    Peter, May 6, 2009
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