Pinnacle DC10+ with 2K

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by BJ, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. BJ

    BJ Guest

    Will this capture card work with Win2000, I have seen conflicting
    advice. The editing software with the card is StudioDC10+ and will not
    install as won't the .inf for the drivers. On Pinnacle's site there's
    a patch to get Studio7 with the DC10 card to run in 2000 but I guess
    support for DC10+ editing is phasing out.
    In any case when I used 98SE I could use the card but did not bother
    with the editing apps, I use Premiere. Hence all I need is card
    drivers, not patches for the Pinnacle apps anyone have an idea please
    or do I consign more outofdate kit to the bin?
    BJ, Jul 3, 2003
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  2. BJ

    Rob Hemmings Guest

    Having been through exactly the same hassle, here's the problem:
    There are no official VFW (Video for Windows) drivers for the
    DC10+ for W2k or XP, only WDM (Windows Digital Media).
    This is not a problem if you're using Pinnacle Studio 7+ (ie
    capture etc will still work fine), but means that Premiere and
    other VFW-based editors can't capture via the DC10+, or
    use it's built-in hardware MJPEG codec.
    There *are* 3rd party VFW drivers for the DC10 'out there',
    but personally, I haven't had any luck in using them.
    Dual-boot your system and have one partition with W98
    and Premiere which you use exclusively for video work,
    and a w2k or XP partition for everything else. If you do
    this, you'll need a data drive/partition visible from both
    w98 and w2k which, given the size of video files means
    you'll have to use FAT32.
    Google around and try and find 3rd-party VFW drivers
    for the DC10+ which work under w2k (good luck!)
    Bite the bullet and dump your DC10+ and buy a WDM-
    supported capture card. If you're lucky enough to own a
    DV camcorder that connects via firewire, you can in many
    cases use your camcorder to do on-the-fly analogue capture
    to DV via firewire, directly into Premiere. If your PC
    doesn't have a firewire port, they're only £10UK.
    Rob Hemmings, Jul 3, 2003
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  3. BJ

    BJ Guest

    Thanks Rob
    In fact dual booting to 98/2K is exactly what I have to do already I'm
    afraid for some apps since the DC10 is'nt the only ageing piece of kit
    I have that needs 98.
    I found a 3rd Party driver to run my 1996 Umax scanner in 2K so you
    never know?
    BJ, Jul 5, 2003
  4. BJ

    BJ Guest

    Well I got there at last - nearly:

    Go to this NZ site and they claim to have a DC10 driver for 2000. It
    installs fine according to Device Mangler but when I start Premiere
    and Premiere cannot see the device. The card and the vcr worked fine
    in 98. If anyone can suggest an alternative app for testing the DC10
    in 2000 just to prove there is a VCR to PC link like a scanner test
    does then please let me know. I don't want to spend ages
    troubleshooting Premiere until I know this NZ driver is the real

    Brian J
    BJ, Jul 8, 2003
  5. BJ

    BJ Guest

    Me again the Drivermagic N.Z. files definitely work for DC10+ with
    Windows 2000. I dug out an old magazine disk with MGI Videowave III as
    a trial and I had a video on the PC screen straight away.
    Premiere is giving me "Unable to connect to capture device" yet if I
    move the DC10 & Premiere to a 98 PC evrything is fine. I can see a lot
    more work ahead and out of time today unless there's a patch or
    BJ, Jul 10, 2003
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