Pinnacle Instant Copy comes with no license key?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Ron, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Ron

    Ron Guest

    Awhile back I received a copy of Pinnacle Instant Copy with my copy of
    Studio Version 9 upgrade. I didn't really need Instant Copy, but it
    was free with Studio so I kept it on the bookcase. Recently I had
    occasion to use it, and when I opened it I discovered that the
    installation requires a "Product ID" (license key) which was not
    included in any of the materials in the box. Very strange.

    I had purchased direct from Pinnacle and still had the original order
    number and date. I sent a query to Pinnacle support with this
    information, and after several days got a reply back asking for the
    order number. The reply included my original text with the order
    number included. (Sigh....) I have sent them the order number again
    (it's now in two parts of the email body) and we'll see what happens.

    Anyone else have this experience?

    Ron, Dec 19, 2005
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  2. Ron

    Nappy Guest

    Yes. Lots of people have unfortunately. Damn frustrating if you ask me.

    Sorry to hear that Ron. There are a couple of folks here who think that this
    is good service. Perhaps they will offer help.
    Nappy, Dec 19, 2005
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  3. Ron

    Mark Burns Guest

    Hi Ron.

    I am an old PIC guy. I think that it was a good program in its day,
    but it is unnecessary now, which maybe why they no longer offer it.

    I believe that I am much better off using DvdShrink with *Deep
    Analysis* and DvdDecrypter/ImgBurn to burn the disk. I have never had
    a problem with these freeware apps and cannot say that about Pinnacle
    Instant Copy 7 or 8.

    One can get these apps and guides from MrBass:

    (P.S. MrBass was a Pinnacle Instant Copy guy too. It really was a
    good app at one time. Pinnacle knows how to ruin things. It shall be
    interesting to see how their new owners do.)


    Mark Burns, Dec 19, 2005
  4. Ron

    Animal John Guest

    Nappy you are proving what a real toad you are. If you do not have anything
    to help why do you reply to the post? You are totally lame and look for
    trouble. I believe you must just be some stupid young teenager the way you
    act. Why don't you just let Pinnacle fantasy go once and for all?
    Animal John, Dec 19, 2005
  5. Ron

    Nappy Guest

    crackin' me up. ! At least my post was about his problem. Yours is even less
    relevant than mine!

    nontheless.. I am anxious to see the Pinnacle folks come forth to help him
    get his free software running again. What's your solution?
    Nappy, Dec 20, 2005
  6. "Nappy" wrote ...
    I was waiting for it also. Apparently "TonyP" is too busy
    arguing on other threads (and other newsgroups) to actually
    help any Pinnacle victims here. Dunno what "AnimalJohn"s
    problem is?
    Richard Crowley, Dec 20, 2005
  7. Don't wait too long Nappy. TonyP will come up with the solution soon!

    Martin Heffels, Dec 20, 2005
  8. Ron

    Animal John Guest

    The problem is the same as everyone has been saying. You two guys are most
    likely the same poster as you are always lovey dovey here. You never offer
    any real help. If you replied with some help but all you two do is harass
    people. I am with the crowd that says you are trolls of the most useless
    Animal John, Dec 20, 2005
  9. Ron

    Nappy Guest

    ahh... you're pretty new here then. Not only have we both helped countless
    people over the years but the fact we are in some agreement on the history
    of Pinnacle users in this newsgroup is not a sign that we agree on
    Since this is the ONLY thread in which a post from AnimalJohn exists in this
    newgroup.. I am not sure you have all the facts.

    Post a problem. We'll try. And Richard is usually the very first to answer
    at least 75% of the questions posted here. In fact.. you could change your
    handle again, ask a good question and you will probably find Crowley
    Actually our responses are more tactful and respectful than many others. .
    Richard's for sure. Mine.. well.. .not always I suppose.
    Fine.. Now.. stop changing your handle so we can add it to our..
    Nappy, Dec 20, 2005
  10. LOL. Just my thought

    Martin Heffels, Dec 20, 2005
  11. My condolences to those of you for whom reading Usenet
    and working are mutually exclusive activities. :-(
    Richard Crowley, Dec 20, 2005
  12. Ron

    Animal John Guest

    You are an ignorant fool.
    Animal John, Dec 20, 2005
  13. Ron

    Nappy Guest

    hmm.. now that I think of it.. I never do visit newsgroups when I am not
    Nappy, Dec 20, 2005
  14. Ron

    Nappy Guest

    mom.. is that you?

    yes but not so ignorant that I can't tell who
    Newbury / Crowder / Animal
    John is ?
    Nappy, Dec 20, 2005
  15. Ron

    Doc Guest

    Actually, perhaps a blessing in disguise. I personally never got the program
    to work correctly, and the manufacturer of the DVD burner it came bundled
    with just gave me an unlock code for use with Nero 6 d/l'd off the Nero
    Site. Apparently they'd had a mountain of complaints about Instant Copy, and
    didn't want people blaming it on their DVD burner. Burner's worked
    flawlessly with Nero 6.
    Doc, Dec 21, 2005
  16. Ron

    Animal John Guest

    Think whatever you want Bill.
    Animal John, Dec 21, 2005
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