Pinnacle Liquid Edition...opinions?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by genericaudioperson, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    Any thoughts on Pinnacle Liquid Edition (efficiency of interface,
    quality of results, precision and ease of editing, etc.)?

    I think Liquid might be the one for me. I tried Adobe Premiere 1.5 at
    a friend's house yesterday and was dissapointed.
    genericaudioperson, Jul 29, 2005
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  2. genericaudioperson

    Jona Vark Guest

    it's crap

    Premier works. Easy interface. Very powerful. And integration with AE /
    Encore etc is flawless.

    Pinnacle is in the hands of a new company (avid) . Likely their support will
    even get worse than it is right now.

    I wouldn't waste my money or my time trying to get it to work.
    Jona Vark, Jul 29, 2005
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  3. No singular NLE is particularly easy to use. No matter what package you
    choose there is a learning curve. If you think you can ask for other's
    opinions and make a judgment from that, you are dead wrong. If you think
    there is some editing software out there that you can simply jump in and use
    without having to learn about the software proper, again you are dead wrong.

    If there are specific types of effects you want to create there is no single
    package that will automatically do that for you. The software would have to
    have been written specifically for what you have in mind, and that is
    impossible since they want to sell to a greater number of users.

    All NLE packages offer the same basic features: A Roll to B Roll
    transitions, a common set of video filters like color correction, etc.,
    multiple audio tracks with audio filters, the ability to add titles and
    simple compositing of video layers.

    Whether you use Vegas, MediaStudio, Speed Razor, Avid Xpress, Edius or
    Premiere Pro they all have these features. No matter what package you choose
    you have to acclimate yourself to where these are found in the interface.
    Once you know that any NLE package is simple to use.

    I personally have every package listed above and find them all quite simple.
    Once you have used one learning the second isn't really very hard. What may
    be best for you would be to buy one of the more simple programs like
    Pinnacle Studio or Ulead VideoStudio to begin on and graduate to something
    more robust later. Once you see how the process works you can make an more
    informed decision for what better program is right at a later date.
    Innocent Bystander, Jul 29, 2005
  4. genericaudioperson

    RS Guest

    Wow, do you just collect NLE's?, or are you an application lover?? I
    know each one of those has their strong and weak points, but wow, who's
    want to run through half a dozen NLE's on a project?
    RS, Jul 29, 2005
  5. what specifically about Liquid would draw you to the conclusion that it
    is "crap"?
    genericaudioperson, Jul 29, 2005
  6. genericaudioperson

    Jona Vark Guest

    I was called to assist a local house that had tried to use Liquid. It was
    pitiful. And the worst part was, this was the same place that had a
    nightmare DC2000 board from Pinnacle a couple years earlier. They are all
    FCP and Premiere but needed the Pinnacle system for something or other..
    can't recall now.

    In general I don't trust Pinnacle at all. And now that they are going to be
    under Avid's control I don't have any hope for their rat infested product

    On the other hand Premiere Pro works like a dependable professional tool
    Jona Vark, Jul 29, 2005
  7. genericaudioperson wrote ...
    It was "Jona Vark" who used that word, but I will respond
    to the question also....

    I've certainly heard nothing in years of hanging around this
    neiborhood that would make me even mildly curious about
    Pinnacle. The overwhelming volume of discussion here is
    about how bad the products are and what problems (seeming
    unresolved) people having trying to use them.

    Do a Google Groups search in r.v.d and r.v.p for Pinnacle
    and draw your own conclusions. Yuck!
    Richard Crowley, Jul 29, 2005
  8. genericaudioperson

    RS Guest

    I remember when Digital Origin aquired Edit DV. They really just wanted
    the Cleaner product, but got Edit DV in the package deal, which back
    then was a really good editing tool. Heck, I still look back and admire
    some of its features. The PIP and PZR (A pip you would maniplate in Z
    space) were fantastic for a $300 editing product. But, as so often
    happens, another company aquires the product, makes empty promises,
    shoves a crappy update out the door and makes users do all the real beta
    testing, and then drops the product faster that two duces to a ten
    dollar raise.
    RS, Jul 29, 2005
  9. I remember those days. I still have the "custom" Firewire card
    that was required for that config. I did my first big commercial
    production on that. :)
    Richard Crowley, Jul 29, 2005
  10. Liquid is of Fast origin, who were bought by Pinnacle,
    who ruined that poor little German company :(
    Anyway, Liquid holds high promises, but it is very
    sluggish (at least, version 5, don't know if improved).
    Even if v.6 is better, heaven forbid if you need
    Pinnacle for support. But all in all, Liquid is
    much better than Studio, which is a piece of rubbish.

    Martin Heffels, Jul 30, 2005
  11. I'm a dealer in NLE software. I pays to know how to use them all.
    Innocent Bystander, Jul 30, 2005
  12. I'm a dealer in NLE software. I pays to know how to use them all.
    Innocent Bystander, Jul 30, 2005
  13. genericaudioperson

    Gary Bettan Guest

    I remember when Digital Origin aquired Edit DV. They really just wanted
    FYI, Actually the lineage goes as follows:

    Radius becomes Digital Origin as they re-invent themselves as a video
    editing software company. EditDV is initially released for Mac, then
    becomes Windows a year or two later. Fantastic product with incredible
    technology. Way ahead of it's time. They also introduce a low cost NLE
    called IntroDV that actually works pretty well. They co-market it with
    Canon. Both IntorDV & EditDV require a custom FireWire card (which was
    the state of the industry. Other cards included Canopus DV Raptor,
    Pinnacle DV200, DPS Spark)

    Terran is a small company that creates a fatastic tool for encoding
    video for the web called cleaner. Initially it is Mac only. Eventually
    they release a Windows version.

    Media100 buys Digital Origin & Terran. Both companies had become cash
    strapped. Media100 vision at the time is to roll the apps together and
    cash in on the internet streaming craze. They were not alone. They
    were not smart about it. They blew it. They rename EditDV to
    CineStream and put all there developementr efforts into the streaming
    side of the equation, and lose focus on how great an editing app it
    actually is.

    Media100 startes running out of cash. They sell the software group
    which includes Cleaner and CineStream and IntroDV to Discreet.
    Discreet totally abandons the editing apps. They still sell Cleaner,
    although it is not the industry standard encodeing tool anymore.

    It's a shame what happened to EditDV. Although it isn't completely
    gone. Adobe hired several of the Engineers from the EditDV team, and
    they brought that knowledge and expertise to Premeire Pro. If you will
    recall, Premiere Pro is a completely new application from the ground
    up. Although it was initially referred to as Premiere 7, it was a
    totally new codebase.

    Anytime you want to take a walk down memory lane, check out our
    article index

    If you scroll down the page you can check out articles, reviews,
    tradeshow reports and our Top 10 Prodcuts articles going all the way
    back to 1996


    The Electronic Mailbox
    The Desk Top Video Editing & Production Experts
    800 323-2325 or Free DTV tech advice (516) 759-1615

    All DTV purchases include our 30 day customer assurance program
    and FREE tech support
    Gary Bettan, Jul 30, 2005
  14. genericaudioperson

    Don Murphy Guest

    On Sat, 30 Jul 2005 12:25:01 GMT, "Innocent Bystander"

    I use Liquid Edition. I have used Vegas and FCP.I am now using
    LE 6.1 . I have no problems and have had none since Version5.
    I do build my own systems.I have not had any crashes or problems.
    When I first recieve a program I read the manual and did the tuts.I
    also look for a user forum and user group in my area.If you find users
    in your area you can see the program and how it is used by users.
    I do this with most programs. I like LE and will continue to use it.I
    am waiting to see what Avid is going to do.If you have questions about
    LE go to and look at the Liquid Edtion forum.You
    will also find Vegas ,Avid and Premire forums there.

    Thank You
    Don Murphy
    Don Murphy, Jul 30, 2005
  15. genericaudioperson

    Bariloche Guest

    A disaster, considering their products were a lot better than
    Pinnacle's (except for their weird installations).
    Bariloche, Jul 30, 2005
  16. genericaudioperson

    TonyP Guest

    There are those that speak negatively of Pinnacle. They have their
    reasons. Me, I started with their DV500Plus v2.0. A great product that
    worked right out the box with no mess for me (I could not say the same
    for Matrox RT2500, although their tech support was stellar in trying to
    get it to work). I did a ton of videos with it (using Premiere 6.0). I
    loved it. When support for that product ceased (this, after 3 major
    upgrades for the cost of a download), they offered existing DV500/Pro
    One users the chance to buy Liquid 5.5 for $55. I bought it and, after
    learning the funky interface loved it. Highly customizable and easy to
    use. I never had problems with it, and loved the integrated DVD
    authoring. Upgraded to 6.1Pro. Again, very stable for me with more
    features than I can use.
    I suggest you go to the webforums and read for yourself what people that
    actually use the product have to say. No, it's not all positive. There
    are users with problems. But, that is the same with any product/forum
    you visit. I haven't had to use their tech support because I have not
    had a problem that could not be solved with the help of the webforum
    members/moderators. Go to Videoguys website for a review of the product.
    I have bought from them with the 30day satisfaction. You can get a trial
    DVD demo version of LE from Pinnacle to try for yourself at
    Make sure that your computer is up to "snuff" to run the program.
    Oh, I also have Studio. Pretty decent program that works, at least for me.
    TonyP, Jul 31, 2005
  17. And later they made a plug-in so us poor souls with a generic
    firewire-card, could give it a try as well.
    It was indeed a very nice piece of software, and would still be
    suiteable for simple editing.


    Martin Heffels, Jul 31, 2005
  18. genericaudioperson

    RS Guest

    Edit DV, at least when I got on board with it, worked with a generic
    firewire card

    thats right. I had the company thread confused. But, considering how it
    bounced around, thats not suprising.
    RS, Aug 1, 2005
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