Pinnacle Studio 8 Output to DV Tape

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by David Beck, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. David Beck

    David Beck Guest

    I'm having problems outputting video from Studio 8 to a Panasonic NV-GS70
    via IEEE1394 cable.

    Studio 8 begins the process and I can see my camcorder go into pause and
    then record mode, the initial frame is frozen (all this seems to be as
    expected), then when the software switches the camcorder into record mode,
    it records approx 1 second (probably less) of video and then no more seems
    to be transmitted by the software. The recording then continues (recording
    black, no video, no sound) until the Studio 8 stops the camcorder recording
    at the end of the clip.

    I've an Althon XP 2100+ with 512mb memory and a hard disk read transfer rate
    (reported by Studio) of greater than 20,000 KB/sec., so I think my system
    should be up to the task.

    I'm using a Creative Audigy card with an IEEE1394 port for my DV connection.

    I've tried all the suggestions on the Pinnacle support site but with no luck

    Anyone got any ideas
    David Beck, Jul 6, 2003
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  2. Have you tried the bulletin boards at ?
    Malcolm Stewart, Jul 6, 2003
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  3. David Beck

    Tony Morgan Guest

    Two possibilities:

    1. You're editing in low-resolution mode. Studio 8 (as well as
    earlier versions) have an option to capture in low-resolution
    (MPEG-1). This is useful if you are running on a PC with
    limited disk-space and/or memory. The net result of this
    is that when you "make" your movie the clips have to be
    read in (in timeline order) from the camcorder's tape - which
    means that you can't write-back to the camcorder's tape.

    2. Even though you've got 512Mb of memory, background tasks
    and background programs can eat into this to an alarming
    extent. Studio 8 is *very* heavy on memory usage and
    can give rise to problems in these circumstances. You can
    avoid such problems by running EndItAll before you start
    any video work. You can download it from here:,2997,s%3D0%26a%3D13656,00.asp
    Tony Morgan, Jul 6, 2003
  4. I had a similar problem with a JVC DVP9 on an Athlon Win XP machine, didn't
    matter which editing software I used, it would still not output to the
    camera. Fortunately I had another (Transmeta Crusoe processor and Win2k- so
    not particularly fast) machine which it worked fine on.

    Try the free MS Movie maker and see if you still have the same problem, if
    so, it is the machine, not the editing software that is the cause.

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    John Blessing, Jul 6, 2003
  5. David Beck

    David Beck Guest

    Thanks Malcolm, Tony and John for your suggestions,

    I'm afraid I'm still having no joy, updates from your suggestions

    have captured initial video (short 10 second clip) in DVD quality
    have initially saved to an AVI file (DVD encoder) and then tried to
    output the avi to my camcorder
    I've used Enditall (ruthlessly!!!) to strip active system down to bear
    Tried MS Movie maker got same results so I'm pretty sure its not a
    Studio 8 problem
    I've also found a neat minimal utility DVIO to test the transfer back

    All the above seem to suggest just the first frame is begin sent back to the
    camcorder and nothing after that when using either Studio, DVIO or MS

    I'm pretty sure now that its my system and not the Studio 8 software, could
    it be the audigy card firewire port. I've read that cards based on NEC and
    VIA chipsets are not as good as ones based on TI chipsets.
    I'm currently scanning the simplyDV boards for suggestions as well, will try
    a post on there.

    Anyone got any views on the above
    David Beck, Jul 6, 2003
  6. David Beck

    Jerry. Guest

    Is this a combined audio card and IEEE1394 port, I have seen people say that
    these cards can have problems were DV is concerned.
    Surely Studio 8 would not switch the camera into record mode if it wanted to
    import, it would be trying to find the required in/out points of the first
    clip ?
    Jerry., Jul 6, 2003
  7. The solution is to run the PCI Enhancer.

    I had exactly the same problem when outputting to tape. As soon as I ran
    this, then everything worked ok.

    (I searched the Interactive Support on the Pinacle www page, and it
    suggested to try the PCI Enhancer as a fix.)

    Hope this works for you,

    Matthew Bailey, Jul 6, 2003
  8. David Beck

    Mike Scott Guest

    On Sun, 6 Jul 2003 09:22:28 +0100, "John Blessing"
    There does seem to be something that afflicts the occasional machine.
    Even after weeks of trying, I never did get dv out working from my
    KT7A/Duron800/Win98 m/c - works a treat on the new 'baby' though

    So, try the 'folk' remedies - maybe even reinstall windows (that
    Panacea for All Ills). If it still doesn't work, try your camera on a
    known-to-be-working system if you can; it'll at least give you
    confidence about which end of the link the problem lies.
    Mike Scott, Jul 7, 2003
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