Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus 9.3.0 => 9.3.5

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Ron, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Ron

    Ron Guest

    After successfully installing the product from disk, I followed links to
    this update, but am confronted with a registration dialog that responds that
    the serial number is invalid. (I know the serial number is valid, because
    it was just used to install the software.) So far nothing but an unhelpful
    automated response from tech support.

    Would appreciate advice from a voice of experience. Thx, Ron
    Ron, Feb 24, 2005
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  2. Ron

    Cory Guest

    Cory, Feb 25, 2005
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  3. Ron

    Ron Guest

    Thanks for the suggestion. After a few hours, I simply tried again and it
    worked. I guess their server has to sync up or something.

    My next problem is that while the app appears to import, and parse into
    scenes, mpg files that I previously created by capturing with Nero or Roxio
    products, or by exporting from Nero, I can't get any of those scenes to
    simply play in the editing interface. Can it be that Studio 9 will only
    play clips that it captures itself? Nah, must be I'm too early on the
    learning curve. (It does, however, play the mpgs that were installed with

    Thx again, Ron
    Ron, Feb 25, 2005
  4. Ron

    Cory Guest

    So it's creating scenes, huh? One way to work around that is to hit "Cancel"
    when you're first importing the clips so it doesn't split your imported
    clips into scenes. However once they're already split, what you need to do
    is close Studio, go to where your mpg file is located in Explorer, and
    delete the .scn file that Studio creates. Then go back to Studio, re-import
    the clip, hit "Cancel" while it's detecting the scenes, and it will stop and
    be good to go.

    Does this fix what you're talking about?

    Cory, Feb 25, 2005
  5. Ron

    Ron Guest

    I just tried that and, yes, the (~2.5 minute) mpg appears in the upper left
    area as a single take, and I can slide it onto the storyboard. I can also
    move the sliders in the upper left work area while it is selected, and see
    the start and endpoints reflected both there and in the upper right player.
    Unfortunately, no. When I hit the play arrow in the upper right player,
    that button assumes the "pause" symbol but nothing plays. If I had placed
    the cursor in the middle of the clip, it reverts to the start of it and
    stays there and there's no advance of the time in the player. (It stays at
    0:00:00:00) I can move the now time in the timeline view, even with the
    drag controls or up/down arrows in the player, and the cursor does move on
    the timeline, but no image appears in the player. I can also drag-adjust
    the start and end points of the clip in the (upper left) clip properties
    window, and when I do that, the image does show in the player, but only so
    long as I have the left mouse button depressed. All this behavior holds
    regardless of the "lock" setting to the right of the timeline.

    I hope there's a simple explanation for this.... :(

    Thanks for the response. -Ron
    Ron, Feb 25, 2005
  6. Ron

    Big Bill Guest

    I've come up against this same thing with my Strudio 9+.
    I've come to the comclusion that not all MPEGs are created the same.
    I also tried Premiere Elements, and had different problems playing the
    same MPG file; it would play in the preview pane, but very
    erratically. It would skip, jump, and slo-mo.

    I asked about it here, and got one person trying to help, but no joy.
    Such is life. :-(
    Big Bill, Feb 25, 2005
  7. Ron

    Cory Guest

    Cory, Feb 25, 2005
  8. Ron

    Ron Guest

    Yup, just checked in there and immediately found a post reporting the same
    issue from a few days ago. So far the only advice was to re-render the mpg
    to DV-AVI type 2. I'll search more thoroughly. Since my last post here, I
    did find some AVIs on my hard drive, and they do play in Studio 9+,
    including one I'd made myself (albeit poor quality). The mpgs that have
    caused me this difficulty play in Windows Media Player (which can't
    re-render as far as I can tell). Seems to me the average user would
    therefore expect them to play in Studio 9+ , so I'd have thought there'd at
    least be something in the help file about different flavors of mpgs.
    Nothing I've found.

    Meantime, I have confirmed I can pile up my jpgs and the mpgs that came with
    9+ on the timeline, use transitions, titles, zoom/pan, chromakey, etc., All
    no problem. If I add one of the problem mpgs, the cursor jumps to the start
    of that clip and nothing in the sequence plays. If I delete it, everything
    returns to normal.

    Anyway, I still have the Roxio OEM package installed, so hoping to re-render
    that way to avoid having to recapture my tapes. Gotta do some reading
    first - make sure this won't degrade them too far, etc.

    Thanks for the support, Ron
    Ron, Feb 25, 2005
  9. Ron

    Susan Guest

    WMP is a player, not an editor and it will generally play (even if not
    very well) any file for which it can find a playing CODEC. Studio is
    an editor, it will only play a file if it has a CODEC that will both
    read and render the file. Otherwise, you would end up being able to
    edit a file but not render it.

    MPG editing is an afterthought in most NLE packages and is usually
    much more limited than DV or MJPEG editing.
    It sounds as if your MPG file has AC3 or MPEG-Layer1 or 3 audio. In
    general, Studio will load such files, but will not play them. Studio
    wants MPG files with MPGE-Layer2 or LPCM audio.

    There are about a thousand different video/audio combinations possible
    in MPG2. Many editing packages (including Studio 9) are very
    particular about what audio stream(s) they can handle, and this is
    usually the problem when an otherwise good MPG file will not play or

    Therefore, when using MPG as the capture format, it is usually best to
    use the same package to both capture and edit. Studio will definitely
    not play an MPG file with AC3 sound, especially if that file was
    ripped from a DVD. The next version of Studio may or may not play an
    MPG file with AC3 audio since that is one of the issues holding up
    that version.

    If these are MPG files that you have captured and you still have the
    original tapes, you would probably be best off just re-capturing some
    MPG video with Studio and see if you can edit with it.

    Is there some reason you are capturing in MPG2 if you are serious
    about editing? It's okay to capture in MPG2 if you are capturing VHS
    and only want to make a few cuts (such as removing commercials) but
    MPG editing is still extremely difficult for most editing packages and
    you usually have far fewer problems if you capture in DV or MJPEG and
    then render to MPG after editing. BUT, you can capture and edit in
    MPG, it is just not as stable and it is difficult not ending up having
    to re-render, which lowers your final product.

    Hope this helps,

    Susan, Feb 25, 2005
  10. Ron

    Ron Guest

    Thank you, yes this certainly helps. From bits I've seen here and there,
    I'd begun to suspect the audio component was the issue. I'm a rank novice,
    and had probably accepted a default in Nero Vision Express when I captured
    those files (from my Sony camcorder). No particular rationale behind it.
    I just want to make movies and slide shows from family DV tapes and jpegs,
    and eventually convert old family VHS archives to DVD. But I encountered
    trouble in Nero burning those files to DVD ( - I did manage to make SVCDs
    from them - ), which is why I started researching a dedicated editing
    package and ended up with Studio.

    Yes, I still have the tapes, and I guess I will recapture into Studio. But
    first I want to do some reading. I understand what a codec is and that
    there are all these formats floating around, but I need to learn more about
    the distinctions between them.

    So far, I've yet to find as cogent a perspective in the Studio help file as
    you just provided in a few short paragraphs. Thanks again! -Ron
    Ron, Feb 26, 2005
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