Pinnacle Systems Dazzle unit and NTSC-to-USB conversion

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Raj Ashar, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Raj Ashar

    Raj Ashar Guest

    Hi, all. I am currently using the Pinnacle Systems Dazzle DVC150 unit
    to stream live NTSC video through a USB port to my computer. However,
    I'm running into several problems with the Dazzle unit. Despite
    installing the driver, I have not been able to have Windows recognize
    the Dazzle unit as an image capture device, so I can't use the Dazzle
    unit with NetMeeting or other Windows programs. Also, I have not been
    able to get Pinnacle's MovieStar to even see the unit, as MovieStar
    just gives me the choice of a "WDM USB device" and just hangs when I
    select it. Additionally, my co-worker, who has been able to
    successfully stream video from the Dazzle to Pinnacle's software on
    his computer, has found that the Dazzle unit introduces a ~1.5 second
    delay in streaming the video because the unit performs MPEG-4
    compression of the video.

    My questions are:
    -what steps can I take to have the Dazzle unit work with the Pinnacle
    -is it possible for Windows to recognize the Dazzle unit as an image
    capture device so that we can use stream video to applications such as
    NetMeeting? I'm not sure if it is possible, as the Dazzle DVC150
    driver download page notes: "For the Dazzle DVC 80, DVC 150 and
    Fusion, these drivers are specifically designed work with Pinnacle''s
    Studio and Studio QuickStart software and they are not intended to
    work with other video editing applications and have not been tested
    with other applications."
    -are there other NTSC-to-USB converter units on the market which can
    be recognized by Windows as an image capture device and optionally do
    not experience the same ~1.5 second delay? Interfacing with USB is
    important because we want to connect the NTSC video stream with a

    Thank you.

    Raj Ashar, Jul 30, 2004
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