Pioneer DVR104 (A04) - Upgraded Firmware and need help

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Chris, May 17, 2005.

  1. Chris

    Chris Guest

    I had upgraded the firmware on my A04 a couple weeks back and now the
    dvd-r's that I used to use with no problem wont work any more. I keep
    getting power calibration errors.

    Do I need to update the driver for my windows2000 machine. I cant find an
    updated driver and the one I have on my machine is from Microsoft and is
    5.0.2183.1 from 11/14/1999. I cant find a later driver anywhere if there is
    Chris, May 17, 2005
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  2. Normally CD and DVD devices do not need a driver in order to operate

    So far you have updated your A04/104 DVD writer firmware using the file
    named "DVR04v141.exe" found on the Pioneer website:,,2076_4273_128163990,00.html
    Now you cannot write to media previously used with this drive, and you are
    experiencing errors.

    The settings you were using with the previous firmware (shipped firmware)
    may be the root of the problem. I have one of these drives, but am currently
    using it under XP and am trying to remember what the IDE settings were in
    2000 using the original firmware. I believe that originally it may have
    required using DMA,but can't remember completely. Try checking the settings
    using the following method.

    Actually I can't remember all the exact steps within 2000, so bear with me -
    you may need to look around to find what I am describing. Go to Control
    Panel and choose System. Find Device Manager and then in the list find the
    IDE channel the DVD drive is hooked to. Highlight it and then right click to
    choose Properties. In the Advanced tab you should find a setting for "Use
    DMA if available" and the drop down "PIO Only".

    If this setting is not found on the IDE channel then find the drive in the
    list, highlight, choose Properties and look for the selection there. The
    DVR-A04 and 104 do not need to use DMA, so set it to PIO. Restart your
    system and attempt another write to a disc. Also, if possible it is good to
    have the A04/104, or any DVD writer for that matter, set to Master on the
    IDE chanel of choice rather than slave - unless the master on that channel
    is a hard drive. Use master when two optical drives are on the same IDE

    In addition, you may want to look for an update for the DVD writer
    software - which you did not specify in your original post. I use Nero and
    obtained better results with a DVD writer when I updated the software. What
    once worked with an older DVD writer changed with a newer one. The same may
    be true of updating the firmware on this drive. Maybe so, or maybe not but
    it's worth a shot.

    Larry Johnson
    Digital Video Solutions
    877-227-6281 Toll Free Sales Assistance
    386-672-1941 Customer Service
    386-672-1907 Technical Support
    386-676-1515 Fax
    Digital Video Solutions, May 17, 2005
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