Playback on a TV for Casio Z55?

Discussion in 'Casio' started by Jeff G, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Jeff G

    Jeff G Guest

    I there any way to playback digital pics from the camera to a TV for the
    Casio Z55 digital camera?
    There is no apparent way to do this. The camera comes with a USB cradle.
    The USB cradle has only two ports, one for a DC cord and one for the USB
    cable to connect to the computer. I see no place on the USB cradle or the
    camera itself to connect a cable to the video imput terminal on the TV.

    This is a feature that was on my two previous digital cameras (both Olympus)
    and I mistakenly assumed it was on all digital cameras. Would it be
    possible to do this by getting some kind of third-party unit such as some
    kind of module, in which I could connect the USB cable into such a device,
    then connect the device into the TV?

    Any help on this? Thanks. Jeff
    Jeff G, Jun 22, 2005
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  2. Jeff G

    Neil Ellwood Guest

    Have a look on the camera and in the manual - it might be there.
    Neil Ellwood, Jun 22, 2005
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  3. Jeff G

    Jeff G Guest

    "Have a look on the camera and in the manual - it might be there."

    No, the manual says nothing anywhere about such a feature. I have called
    Casio, and they verified that it does not do that. How about an RF
    modulator or something like that? Is that possible? Jeff
    Jeff G, Jun 22, 2005
  4. Jeff G

    ASAAR Guest

    But then the camera would have to have additional circuitry to
    produce an RF output. Why would Casio spend the money to provide
    such a feature and not only fail to mention it in the manual, but
    also fail to provide a socket and cable for the RF output as well?

    The Z55 will be of no use for displaying pictures on a TV. But
    there are several products that can be used to save images from a
    flash memory card to either a hard disk or CD-R. They usually have
    outputs that permit viewing the pictures on a TV. Sony has a new
    Photo Vault Mini CD-R Station that's relatively inexpensive ($200 or
    less) and runs off an AC adapter or from AA batteries. Similar
    portable units from BurnAway and RoadStor can also play DVDs. I'm
    not aware of any that can save to DVD, but if they don't yet exist
    they can't be far off.
    ASAAR, Jun 22, 2005
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