Playing DVD-R DVD-RW discs with MP3 files on stand-alone DVD players

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by JW, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. JW

    JW Guest

    I remember a thread a few weeks back about whether any stand-alone DVD
    players could play DVD-R and DVD-RW discs filled with MP3 files - no one
    seemed to know the answer. Well, I just got around to giving it a try -
    Just to let you know, my Pioneer DV-260 works great! 4.7GB of MP3 music
    on one disc! I'm going to take my whole CD collection and master them to
    DVD and buy one of those stand-alone LCD monitors for the players menu
    driven output; It'll be nice to get rid of all this clutter in my
    entertainment system...
    JW, Feb 22, 2004
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  2. JW

    mariet.jfr Guest

    how did you place the file on the root of your DVD-R?
    did you terminate the disc?
    I was on the way to do the same test with a SONY NS-400
    so I will hurry to try
    thank you
    mariet.jfr, Feb 23, 2004
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  3. JW

    mariet.jfr Guest

    A nice try, which kind of tag did you use, and which depth of characters for
    the name?
    what software did you use?
    thanks for this great job

    mariet.jfr, Feb 23, 2004
  4. JW

    JW Guest

    I'm not sure I understand your question, but here's what I did - Each
    album has it's own folder with the artists and album's name, and the
    individual tracks of course have their own names. I used Nero 5.5 to
    burn the group of folders with the MP3's using the DVD data disk
    creation option. I use the menu button on the DVD player along with the
    cursor keys to select the album/track I wish to listen to. My DVD has
    component output which goes to my TV, and a composite output which goes
    to the 4" LCD display which I got here for 60 bucks:

    Pretty simple.
    JW, Feb 24, 2004
  5. JW

    Alan Pollock Guest

    I posted twice in that thread that the Apex 2500 does it admirably. Nex
    Alan Pollock, Feb 24, 2004
  6. JW

    Dick Guest

    My Pioneer DVR-300S will do it. Should be lots of them that will.

    Dick, Feb 24, 2004
  7. My Toshiba SD4900 will too. However, it's fairly rare that players play
    DVD-MP3 disks. It's mostly because many standalone players seem to detect
    DVD media and only check to see if it's DVD-Video or DVD-Audio format (they
    simply give up if it's DVD and not one of those). An oversight to be

    Regardless, there's a great resource at that lists hundreds of
    models of players and their compatibility with various formats, and even
    specific recordable DVD media. There are links to region code and
    macrovision hacks for players as well, for those of us that live in
    countries (like the USA) where you aren't allowed to view foreign films on
    DVD without a license.
    James McIninch, Feb 24, 2004
  8. JW

    Griffin Guest

    Just curious what formatyou burned the DVD in? ISO-9660? I have an APEX
    AD-1500, which plays them off of a CD-R. Hmmmm, I'll have to give it a
    Griffin, Jan 7, 2005
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