Playing Region 2 DVDs on a Level 2 Protected Region 1 DVD-ROM

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Steven Andersen, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. So here is the primary objective. I have a French DVD (Region 2) that
    I want to watch. I'm in the US so I have a Region 1 DVD-Rom in my
    Toshiba notebook - specifically its a Matshita SR-8176 MZ34.

    Driveinfo says that the drive is in Level 2 Region detection mode so I
    cannot play the movie directly.

    Now my question is this: what is the cheapest way for me to be able
    to play my DVD?

    Region-free says they don't support Matshita's

    I've heard varying success with the firmware upgrade process - so I'm
    not sure I want to mess with that lest I lose my Region 1 playing
    ability as well.

    Should I just try to buy a DVD rom off of ebay and then try running
    Region-free on it? Are there any particular makes that are known to
    work with Region Free?

    Any other suggestions - how can do accomplish the simple task of
    simply playing a French DVD in my home computer? Thanks.
    Steven Andersen, Jan 20, 2004
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  2. Steven Andersen

    Nathan Guest

    Flashing the drive will allow unlimited number of DRIVE changes. You then
    have to use DVD Genie to change the Windows Region code (again unlimited)

    Once flashed it will not effect Region 1 titles.. if you leave the drive &
    windows as Region 1 it will be the same as before.

    Looks like the firmware flash need to be run from a pure DOS mode (ie
    Windows 95 Boot disc)

    Matshita (Panasonic) SR-8176 (8X/24X) MZ25, MZ34, MZ36, MZ41 / M136 / MR38 /
    ME37 / LB36, LB37, LB39, LB3B
    (Known firmware : MA24 / MR37 / MZ25)
    Patched MX26 firmware RPC-1 for Mac
    Enclosed is an utility to upgrade the latest iBook DVD drives firmware to
    version MX26 (region free). If the drive is already at firmware revision
    MX26, the firmware is returned to the Apple official MA26 (useful e.g. if
    returning the iBook for repair).
    Patched MX41 RPC-1 (for drives with MZ41 firmware)
    Patched MX36 RPC-1 (for drives with M136 firmware)
    Patched MX38 RPC-1 (for drives with MR37 or MR38 firmware)
    Patched MX37 RPC-1 (for drives with ME37 firmware)
    Patched LX39 RPC-1 (for drives with LBxx firmware)
    All patched version by XVI and Hijacker.
    To be installed correctly, a drive region code must be selected before using
    a patched RPC-1 firmware. All firmware update must be run in Real DOS mode.
    Nathan, Jan 20, 2004
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  3. Steven Andersen

    JB Guest

    Try AnyDVD it has a free trial so if it doesn't work you
    don't lose out. I've used it on 5 different newish computers and it works
    everytime for me.
    JB, Jan 20, 2004
  4. Steven Andersen

    PAPY Guest

    PAPY, Jan 20, 2004
  5. Steven Andersen

    VlaD Guest

    VlaD, Jan 20, 2004
  6. Steven Andersen

    BeamGuy Guest

    I havn't tried this, but I wonder if DVDdecrypter will copy the movie onto the
    hard drive ignoring region protection?
    BeamGuy, Jan 20, 2004
  7. Steven Andersen

    BeamGuy Guest

  8. Steven Andersen

    Nic Guest

    Nic, Jan 20, 2004
  9. Steven Andersen

    David Chien Guest

    yes, DVDdecy will let you playback from the HD.
    David Chien, Jan 20, 2004
  10. Steven Andersen

    Gaoler Guest

    Or you could use DVD X Copy Xpress which i believe removes the region coding
    (someone correct me on this) and makes a perfect back up and you are legal
    all round

    Gaoler, Jan 20, 2004
  11. Get dvd decrypter and dvd shrink. Both are free so do a google search.
    Rip, shrink and then burn with anything like nero. You can just watch it
    off of your HD or DVD. DVD shrink will take out the region code.
    The Supreme Enchanter, Jan 20, 2004
  12. Steven Andersen

    Bariloche Guest

    I used a firmware from that site on a Toshiba, and worked well. But of
    course, there's always a risk when doing this kind of things.
    Bariloche, Jan 21, 2004
  13. Steven Andersen

    Cesare Cioni Guest

    For Macs, there is a nifty free program called VLC player that bypasses
    all region protection coding, both hardware and software. There is also
    a version for PC, I am not sure whether it does the same. Try at

    Cesare Cioni, Jan 25, 2004
  14. Yes the PC version works OK
    Regards David Parkes
    David Parkess, Jan 25, 2004
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