Playing VCDs on home DVD player

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by andy w, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. andy w

    andy w Guest

    I use Pinnacle Studio and make MPEGs, which I then burn to CD on my PC. Our
    old DVD player had no trouble playing them - just got an Aiwa new one which
    does nothing - is it the discs? Or is there something wrong with the file

    andy w, Dec 5, 2003
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  2. andy w

    Trev Guest

    The Aiwa Check it out at Not all players can manage VCD
    Trev, Dec 5, 2003
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  3. andy w

    andy w Guest

    Says on the box it does - but I've seen somewhere else that some can't/won't
    play CD-R.

    maybe try CD-RW or different discs.
    andy w, Dec 5, 2003
  4. andy w

    Thos Guest

    I think that the cheap inported units destined for the orient will play
    vcd(they are more in to it the the europeans)
    Thos, Dec 6, 2003
  5. mine can play SVCD but not VCD.... try recording in SCVD and see if it
    works.. quality is better also

    Belinda Parkinson, Dec 6, 2003
  6. andy w

    andy w Guest

    Having had a closer look, it says 'will not play home burned CD-Rs unless
    they're jpegs or mp3s.

    andy w, Dec 6, 2003
  7. andy w

    Lost Soul Guest

    I'm really surprised by that, most modern players will play anything you
    throw at them.
    If you have 40 quid spare you could do worse than one of the current crop of
    supermarket cheapies, the Pacific DVD player at Asda, the Akura model at
    Kwik-Save, even Safeway had one in for around the same price the last time I
    They are all multi region (some might need a remote control hack like mine
    did, just a 4 digit code that I had to type in) and they play everything and
    I mean *EVERYTHING* that you throw at them.
    Might be worth a try if you can't sort the Aiwa out.
    Good luck :)
    Lost Soul, Dec 6, 2003
  8. andy w

    Keith Laws Guest

    It looks like a deliberate policy decision. The player can obviously
    read CD-R just fine, but they have made an assumption that VCD on CD-R
    is a ripped off copyrighted DVD movie and disabled it from being played.
    Keith Laws

    What's my solution?

    Keith Laws, Dec 6, 2003
  9. andy w

    Tony Morgan Guest

    Depends what you mean by "most". I recently bough the Asda Pacific after
    going round both Currys and Comet, making a note of *all* of the model
    numbers, going home and checking on

    I'd suggest you do the same before making such a sweeping (and
    potentially misleading) statement.

    You might also ask yourself why it never says on the box just exactly
    which of the computer generated video/audio format/media that the DVD
    player will indeed play.
    Tony Morgan, Dec 6, 2003
  10. andy w

    Lost Soul Guest

    Funny thing.... I've lurked here for a few months, trying to pick up a few
    hints and tips.
    I've seen what some people think and say of you Tony, that you are arrogant
    and a bit of a snob, that other posters are beneath you, that your advice is
    the only *good* advice and no-one else has a clue. But still I decided to
    make my own mind up, I've never been a little sheep that follows the crowd,
    I like to judge people for myself.
    Now I'm the new kid on the block here, I finally plucked up the courage to
    try and give something back to this group hence my post and what do you
    decide to do?
    Yep, you decide to rip me to shreds just for the sport of it.
    I acknowledge that you know more about camcorders and the like than me Tony,
    there was no need for you to turn this into a pissing contest, and frankly I
    don't give two shits if your dick *is* bigger than mine, my Wife likes mine
    just fine thanks.

    Do you have to be such a condescending, arrogant, patronising, know-it-all
    Jesus Christ man, all you had to do was say that you disagreed with me,
    that's what these groups are all about and I would have bowed to your
    "superior" knowledge and ate a slice of humble pie.
    But you just had to give me both barrels, didn't you?

    What a sad, sad little bully you are Tony.
    This group will die a short death with attitudes like yours my friend, make
    no mistake.

    To everyone else who posts here, yes, I see what you mean now!
    Lost Soul, Dec 7, 2003
  11. andy w

    Tony Morgan Guest

    In message <BluAb.1077$>,
    I can't believe what I'm hearing. I tried to be polite, without putting
    you down. If you think my post is bullying then you haven't used Usenet
    for very long.

    Anyway - in your case - now I'll say what I should have said in the
    first place, since you've taken exception as well as being abusive in
    response to my polite correction:

    You are talking bollocks, and are demonstrating your cluelessness.

    And by the offensive nature of your post you ought to go back to your
    parents and ask them for a re-run of your upbringing.

    And the next time you post rubbish, I won't even attempt to be polite
    but will treat you with the contempt you deserve.

    And maybe use the language that you use in the uk.local.warwickshire

    "Sure I did....take your head out of your arse, you'll hear me better
    that way."

    And this in the uk.local.birmingham newsgroup

    "How many times do you need telling celtic ringpiece? Go and
    shit your welsh self then **** off. hahahahaha!"

    It's no wonder that you lost your job in the Netherlands if these are
    examples of your inter-personal skills. And you want to be a reporter?
    Dream on you plonker.
    Tony Morgan, Dec 7, 2003
  12. andy w

    Lost Soul Guest

    This is you being polite??? Silly me, I should have known this from the way
    you are "polite" to other posters in here!
    So you didn't speak your mind the first time round? Thats not like you
    Tony, come on man get a grip!
    Ahhhh, now you are showing your *true* self, the one that is a megastar in
    your own mind. No wonder you are so popular.
    How the hell was my post offensive? Oh right I get it now, "Do as the
    mighty Tony says, NOT what he does", right? Slagging off my Mum, huh? How
    old are you Tony? 5 years? Maybe 6 at a push? Can you reach the keyboard
    without a cushion? Grow up you pathetic little child, ever heard of "Sticks
    and stones....."?
    But EVERYONE who answers you back deserves contempt in your eyes, don't they
    Tony? This you have proved on countless occasions!
    So by that weak analogy should I do a Google and judge YOU by the way you
    have posted to other groups? Once again, grow up little boy, I have said
    and done NOTHING to cause offence or discord in THIS group, try judging me
    on that instead of desparately trying to tar and feather me in other peoples
    eyes to make your pedantic retorts seem justified. After all, if you judge
    a person on all the smug, pathetic, petty little arguments that they have
    had over the years on Usenet, it paints *YOU* in quite a different light!
    Netherlands? Are you on Medication Tony? I have no idea what you are
    wittering on about, care to explain yourself a little further?

    By the way, you quote that I posted this;
    Would you please like to PUBLICALLY provide conclusive proof that this was
    posted from myself, because I can assure you it was NOT and I resent you
    stating that I did so.
    Go on, there's a good chap Tony.....let us ALL see the proof please.

    You might know the odd snippett about camcorders mate but your sleuth skills
    are less than perfect.
    And you talk about *my* people skills? MWAHAHAHAAA!
    Thats the BEST laugh I've had in ages Tony, no really, thank you for that.

    I take it positive proof including headers and trace analysis on what you
    state I have posted will be forthcoming?

    I can't wait to see how you worm out of this pack of lies, you libelous
    Lost Soul, Dec 7, 2003
  13. andy w

    AndyP Guest

    Tony. Sorry mate, but your reply does come across as patronising and
    condescending, whether you meant it to or not. If it wasn't your intention,
    it might be an idea to re-read before you hit that post button in future,
    and avoid giving any offence, even if not intended.
    AndyP, Dec 7, 2003
  14. andy w

    Tony Morgan Guest

    Anyone can Google and see your post for themselves. It's there in the
    public domain, and will remain there (and once it's on Google, even if
    you issue a cancel it will remain for all to see).

    Please do try to stop advertising that you are a clueless prat. Denying
    it when it's there for all to see does nothing for your credibility or
    for your ego.
    Tony Morgan, Dec 7, 2003
  15. andy w

    Jerry. Guest

    If you are right Tony, you could post an URL that will allow us to view the
    thread and thus see the post in context.
    Jerry., Dec 7, 2003
  16. andy w

    Lost Soul Guest

    Tony, you really should check before you hit "SEND" because I did NOT make
    the following post which you said I did, and I quote you;
    In your bitter haste to discredit me, you unfortunately cut and pasted a
    post from Chad, NOT MYSELF.
    I know this to be true, *YOU* know this to be true, but best of all GOOGLE
    knows this to be true and I am more than willing to cut and paste the thread
    in question for EVERYONE to see.
    I DID.
    Is that clear enough for you?
    You think you are an expert in all things technical, use your computer
    skills to PROVE that I actually said those words. But you can't can you
    Tony? You know you have screwed up big time but your stupid over-inflated
    ego won't let you back down now, will it?
    Stop spreading your diseased lies and bitterness a MAN for once
    in your life and ADMIT that you libelled me in error, because if you don't
    have the balls to do the decent thing PUBLICALLY, then I will do it for you.
    Trust me, your credability is already at an all time low over this, make no
    This could end now with a simple admission of guilt for your error, I don't
    want a pound of flesh, just a glimmer of hope that there IS a heart beating
    in your icy chest.

    Do the decent thing Tony, admit you were wrong to state I made that post.
    If you post here and admit you discredited me wrongly that will be an end to
    this, the choice is yours.
    Lost Soul, Dec 7, 2003
  17. andy w

    Lost Soul Guest

    In fact the second part of the post you say I made, the haha bit, was
    actually made by the guy who replied to Chad! LOL
    Morgan, not only have you made yourself look moronic by saying that I have
    made posts that I never did, but you are so damn stupid that you cut and
    pasted from not one, but TWO different Usenet posts!

    You really are the lowest of the low and a total newbie to boot!

    Still waiting for the proof Morgan, but don't worry cuz I'm going to post
    the original thread tomorrow for everyone to see what a lying, conniving,
    manipulative bitter person you REALLY are.

    Unless of course you do the decent thing, though something tells me I will
    have to show you up after all.
    Ain't pride a terrible thing, Tone?
    Lost Soul, Dec 7, 2003
  18. andy w

    Lost Soul Guest

    Thank you Jerry, some sense at last.
    Yes Tony, go on matey, post the thread cuz i can assure you that I have
    nothing to you?
    Lost Soul, Dec 7, 2003
  19. andy w

    Tony Morgan Guest

    In message <OmMAb.1738$>, Lost Soul

    I can see why you call yourself "Lost Soul" - it's sad that you know
    that you have no friends.

    Since you've nothing remotely useful, interesting or relevant to this

    Plonk !
    Tony Morgan, Dec 8, 2003
  20. andy w

    Lost Soul Guest

    I offered you the Olive branch TWICE, I'll post the relevant Google Info
    tomorrow for everyone to make their *own* minds up.
    Lost Soul, Dec 8, 2003
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