Playing with PTGui (Lake Panorama)

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Father McKenzie, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. As you all know I have enjoyed playing with HDR but I love pano's.
    Tonight I was grabbing some shots for HDR and decided to get a pano.

    I took 4 shots and stitched them with PTGui.

    I also got this HDR from the same location

    Thank you all for your comments on my posts over the last few weeks.

    Only new (just on a year) to photography and loving the learning of it all.
    Father McKenzie, Jan 24, 2008
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  2. Father McKenzie

    ray Guest

    ray, Jan 24, 2008
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  3. Great images! You ability to use HDR to get excellently exposed
    sunsets is a lesson to us all - maybe a few more details of your
    methodology (esp. how many shots, how you decide on your exposure
    choices) might be in order..? (O;

    Two tiny nitpicks - I think a bit of straightening of the boat masts
    would help (PTGUI should be able to help do this, or alternatively
    make sure you shoot with camera level, not pointing up*.. -maybe use a
    wider angle if you need lots of sky), and in the second one I'm just
    not quite sure about your decision to put that guy smack bang in the
    highlight - he just looks a little odd... (O;

    * I suspect you know this, but someone reading this might not... So
    apologies if it sounds like I'm lecturing! (O;
    mark.thomas.7, Jan 24, 2008
  4. Thanks Mark, A lot of people don't like HDR but I am really enjoying it.
    At first I was like everyone else and made spooky looking HDR but
    recently I have been playing around to make it look 'natural' or as
    natural as can be.

    All my HDR are 3 shots using the 400d bracketing tool and I naromally go
    3 stops up and down. I then play around in photomatrix, i look at it's
    auto setting then move the slide to the far end then back till it is how
    i like it. I do this on each setting then send it through to photoshop
    to straighten or trim.
    This one was 3 shots down and 3 shots up. To be honest by the time did
    this it was about bed time so it was a bit of a rush job. As I stated
    a while back I am new to PTG so I will try out the additional settings
    on this one tonight to try and straighten the masts.

    -maybe use a
    I took a few shots along the foreshore and I actually liked the
    silhouette. I will post one from a bit further down.
    No not at all, I will take any help on board.
    Father McKenzie, Jan 24, 2008
  5. Father McKenzie

    That Rich Guest

    Perhaps I'm wrong but it seems one could get essentially the same
    image using a 20mm lens.

    Again, seems the same can be accomplished either with patience or a
    grad ND.

    Digital has made a lot of *photographers* computer *experts*.

    Nice photos.


    That Rich, Jan 24, 2008
  6. Father McKenzie

    Troy Piggins Guest

    * Father McKenzie is quoted & my replies are inline below :
    <snip />

    I think what people don't like is the really over the top
    tonemapping. Yours are quite natural and not over the top.
    Troy Piggins, Jan 24, 2008
  7. Maybe, but I don't own a 20mm lens but I own PTGui :)

    Another 2 things I don't have :)
    You must also hate modern movies. We don't move forward with
    technology to live in the dark ages.

    One of my HDR photos made the final 5 in a National (Australian) amateur
    photo comp so someone out there must like it. And I will be honest the
    image they selected I wasn't that fussed on. It has a nasty halo in the
    centre of it.
    Father McKenzie, Jan 25, 2008
  8. Father McKenzie

    Pudentame Guest

    Unless technology is going in the direction I want to go, it ain't
    moving "forward".

    I'm not against technology, but if the old way does what I want and it's
    easier for me to use than the "new technology", why should I change just
    for change's sake?

    I only use new stuff when it benefits me.
    Pudentame, Jan 25, 2008
  9. Well perhaps he doesn't *have* a 20mm lens... At some point, every
    photographer is gunna run out of lens width, and then what technique
    should they use...?

    (And stitching is often done simply to increase pixel count, and
    therefore enlargability.)
    Patience? How does that get the same effect? (O;

    Does a typical gND give you a six stop range? That's what Fr M was
    using. HDR has:
    - essentially no limit to the dynamic range (other than that of the
    camera, your patience and how fast the scene may change..)
    - no limitation on where/how the effect is applied

    With gNDs you are stuck with whatever f-stop range the gND(s) have.
    With gND's you cannot selectively apply the effect to individual areas
    With gND's you are (pretty much) stuck with the available gradient
    width and position

    I've seen some awful gND shots, where the gradient was so obvious it
    hurt. I concede there are far more bad examples of HDR around (even
    done some myself, but I don't display them!), but that comes with any
    new technology. There are now far more bad pictures around, too,
    because they are so easy to take and display. But that doesn't mean
    that new techniques are not valuable.

    The glass is half empty?

    mark.thomas.7, Jan 25, 2008
  10. Father McKenzie, Jan 25, 2008
  11. Father McKenzie

    That Rich Guest

    20mm is *often* my favorite focal length.
    Since you mentioned it, I do prefer old movies. More for the acting /
    writing / directing. Special effects are ok but rarely are they _not_
    overdone. Although I rarely watch movies anymore.... far as I'm
    concerned a bomb could be dropped on Hollywood and I'd never notice.

    I'm not suggesting there is anything wrong with technology, but there
    is more than one way to skin a cat. Doing it in camera is the method
    "I" prefer. If you chose to do it in post processing, that is your
    choice. I have spent some time in Photoshop and still do occasionally,
    doing this... doing that, undoing that and redoing this.... ultimately
    wasting a lot of time.... In the end I realized if I work at getting
    it right the first time, in camera, I feel much more satisfied with
    the photograph, the print and my ability (or lack of) as a
    photographer... amateur as I am. In addition, getting it right in
    camera I am able to whizz through scans with very little correction...
    usually slight curve adjustments and some USM. Don't even get me
    started on over use of the cropping tool :(
    Nasty indeed, looks like one o' dem _Lord of the Rings_ photos Max
    Perl mentioned ;)
    Do you have a link to the winner?

    That Rich, Jan 25, 2008
  12. Father McKenzie

    Peter Guest

    It's like a lot of other things. I used to do solarizations and
    posterizations, in the darkroom, just because I could. Over 90% of these
    wound up in my POC. (you can guess what that stands for.) When I first went
    digital PS made these things quite easy so the Gee Whiz effect no longer
    existed. Similarly, HDR when used judiciously can be a valuable tool. Few
    will argue that PS shouldn't be used, because it is too easy to abuse. I
    don't think we should criticize HDR just because some carry its potential to
    extreme, any more than we should denigrate saturation or sharpening, because
    those tools are abused.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Peter, Jan 25, 2008
  13. Father McKenzie

    Jeff R. Guest

    Hmmm... I'm guessing the fourth one...

    POC Paid Outside of Closing (real estate)
    POC Particulate Organic Carbon
    POC Piece Of Cake
    POC Pile Of Crap
    POC Point Of Contact
    POC Port Of Call
    POC Metal Powder Cutting (welding)
    POC Paid on Call (firefighting)
    POC Pakistan Origin Card
    POC Parents of Ostomy Children
    POC Passion of the Christ (movie)
    POC Paxson Oil Company
    POC Payload Operations Center
    POC Peace Observation Commission (UN)
    POC Pen of Chaos (French website)
    POC People of Color
    POC Percent of Original Charge
    POC Percentage-Of-Completion
    POC Performance Objectives and Criteria
    POC Person of Color
    POC Person On Call
    POC Person on Cocaine
    POC Personnel Operations Center
    POC Philippine Olympic Committee
    POC Physical Optics Corporation
    POC Piece of Crap
    POC Pirates of the Caribbean (movie)
    POC Pissed Off Chick
    POC Pissed Off Customer
    POC Plan of Care
    POC Plan of Correction
    POC Plano Oficial de Contabilidade (Portuguese: Accountancy Official Plan)
    POC Platoon Operations Center
    POC Point of Call
    POC Point of Care
    POC Point of Care (healthcare industry)
    POC Point of Compliance
    POC Point of Concept
    POC Point on Curve (surveying)
    POC Polar Cod (FAO species name code )
    POC Policy Oversight Committee
    POC Porsche Owners Club
    POC Port of Convenience
    POC Portable Object Compiler
    POC Ports of Call (computer game)
    POC Position of Comfort
    POC Posterior Circulation Syndrome (medical)
    POC Potential Officers Course (UK)
    POC Power Converter
    POC Power of Connecting
    POC Preliminary Operational Capability
    POC Preliminary Operational Concept
    POC Privately Owned Conveyance
    POC Proceeds of Crime (Canadian legal term)
    POC Processor Outage Control (CCS #7 & ITU-T)
    POC Procurement Order Cycle
    POC Product of Combustion
    POC Product of Conception (genetics testing)
    POC Production Office Coordinator (film and television industry)
    POC Professional Officer Candidate
    POC Professional Officer Course
    POC Project Officer Coordinator (FEMA)
    POC Project Overview Committee
    POC Proof of Claim (insurance industry)
    POC Proof of Closure (switch for a valve or acuator)
    POC Proof Of Concept
    POC Property of Canada
    POC Proyectos de Obra Civil (Spanish)
    POC Psychological Operations Company
    POC Pu`u `O`o Cone (Hawai'i)
    POC Public Operators Code
    POC Pulmonary Opacity Code
    POC Pulse Of Capitalism
    POC Pump Off Control
    POC Purchase Order Change (EDI)
    PoC Push to Talk Over Cellular (cellular telephony)
    Jeff R., Jan 25, 2008
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