Please give me SLR Camera Advise

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by xtiva, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. xtiva

    xtiva Guest

    Hi Everyone ....

    I am looking at my Very First SLR camera... and now have narrowed down
    to Canon Rebel Ti (EOS 300V) or the Nikon N75 (F75)...

    I have been researching a fair bit and it seems gets more and more

    People did not like F75 because of ability of adjusting ISO level...
    but I am wondering does manual ISO level adjustment, a must for B&W
    photo? I would like to take B&W photo and thus started look for
    SLR..moving backward (?) from Digital camera.....

    But others said that for night shoot Canon is very slow and would not
    suit for night photography....

    But what would be more all-rounder camera out of the 2? Rebel Ti or
    N75? I have pushed my budget from N55 to N75 already and would not be
    able to folk out more...:(

    Appreciate your advise...
    xtiva, Dec 10, 2003
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  2. xtiva

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    First off the Rebel and the N75 are about equal in the ability to focus in
    the dark. You are not talking about a serious night photography camera in
    either case. If you mean shooting with a flash at night, either one will do
    the job. For B/W or colour slide film the need to switch ISO is pretty much
    a given -- especially if you don't plan to do your own processing. I shoot
    TriX ar 500 ISO to process myself in HC-110, but at 250 ISO to hand over to
    the local lab to process - Niether of those speeds is the one the cassette
    will DX to. I generally shoot slide film at 1/3 stop slower ISO for Fuji
    slide films and either at the DX speed or 1/3 stop faster for Kodak films
    except when I'm pushing them.
    The Rebel and the Maxxum 5 are both complete cameras, and there is a
    Pentax in this group too. Only the N75 fails to give you full control at
    this price point
    There is an article on the subject here:
    Tony Spadaro, Dec 10, 2003
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  3. xtiva

    Patrick L. Guest

    There are times, as you get more into photography, such as shooting with
    C-41 black and white, that you are going to wish you could manually set the

    Patrick L., Dec 10, 2003
  4. xtiva

    ColdCanuck Guest

    I'm curious Tony, why shoot Fuji slide 1/3 stop slower and Kodak 1/3 faster?

    I'm only asking as I've recently gone back to shooting slides after a 15
    year hiatus. Previously I preferred Kodak 25 or 64 but these seem to have

    ColdCanuck, Dec 10, 2003
  5. xtiva

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Because Fuji films (in general) don't give much shadow detail at rated speed
    and Kodak films do, even if shot a little faster than rated -- for me.
    Everyone meters differently of course, but I've been doing this with Fuji
    and Kodak for many years now.
    Except Provia F100 -- which I shoot at rated speed for 100, and at 160
    for a one stop push. In general it has pretty good shadw detail at 100 --
    but if the light is very contrasty -- like winter light -- I will bracket a
    shot at 1/3rd over and then pick the best.
    Tony Spadaro, Dec 10, 2003
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