PLEASE HELP: Batch capture of mono-audio videoclips in Premiere Pro! (URGENT)

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Sune A, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Sune A

    Sune A Guest

    Hi all!
    (I'm trying to post this question once again, so HOPEFULLY someone sees it
    and can help me:)
    I'm working on a rather large videoproject in premiere pro, and I logged my
    last tape (the 9th tape in this project....) the other day.
    The "filming" was done with Sony VX2000 and an external mono mic.

    1. I select the clips that I need and click batch capture
    2. P Pro captures the clips BUT DOESN'T ADD THEM to the project window.
    3. I check my project folder with windows explorer and I find the clips
    4. I try to manually link the clips with the LINK MEDIA feature.
    5. I try to "link" all the clips with their respective files in the project,
    but i get the following error msg: "Cannot Link Media! The selected file
    cannot be linked because it has 1 audio channel(s) and the clip was created
    with 2 audio channel(s).

    I would be TRULY greatful for any help on this issue.. I'm going to loose
    sleep over this issue, and I hope that I'll be up and running with my
    editing in the near future (soon as possible!)
    Sune Alexandersen
    Skype: sunepune
    Sune A, Nov 24, 2003
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  2. You have my sympathies.
    About a week ago, I posted a request for general opinions of Premier 7, and
    did not get a single response.
    The reason why the question hasn't been answered is probably that the few
    new users are still puzzling through it themselves.

    I propose this workaround:
    1. Log the tapes using another DV capture utility. Even MovieMaker for
    Windows will do this.
    2. Export the sound track from Movie Maker or whatever.
    3. Any low-end sound editor program, Sound Forge, or whatever, can duplicate
    audio tracks, making a mono track into a stereo one.
    4. Reimport into Movie Maker or whatever, and position the sound track on
    the timeline.
    5. Export -- you now have stereo.
    6. Import into Premier.

    If this doesn't help, I'm sorry, I'm just responding to your desperation.
    I started with Premier 6, but had a horrible experience, so I switched.
    Let's hope your experience is not a continuation of mine.
    Robert Morein, Nov 25, 2003
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