Polaroid Dust & Scratch Removal--Can't Figure it Out

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. I'm ashamed to post this, but post it I must.

    Earlier I asked someone how to apply dust/scratch removal with my very basic
    Hewlett Packard S20 since it doesn't have the ICE(?) software for
    dust/scratch removal.

    Someone suggested Polaroid Dust & Scratch Removal, which I've downloaded and

    I've figured out how to mark the points for cleaning, but then the "Clean
    Image" is always dimmed. How do I tell it "okay, I've marked everything off
    now, clean away."

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Sep 3, 2003
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  2. I'm sorry. What I mean is the pull-down menu choice of "clean image" is

    Turns out I have to set the "mask" to get that.

    But even now, having figured that out, I will tell it to CLEAN IMAGE after I
    have very plainly marked off the points and properly described them as
    light. Just the same, the defect hasn't improved one-ioda.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Larry R Harrison Jr, Sep 3, 2003
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  3. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Frank ess Guest

    Yes, I understood that.
    Unless you are setting the parameters at a size or level too small to be
    remarkable in the product, I can't imagine what. Try a Clean Image with very
    large parameters. If it makes a difference, you can scale your settings one
    way or another.

    Frank ess
    Frank ess, Sep 4, 2003
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