Portrait Photography Questionnaire

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by abphotography, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. Just about to set myself up in business as a portrait photographer.
    Been to business link who want to me produce a business plan and do
    research. Never done this before and am really struggling.

    Any help with putting one together would be very welcome! Sample
    business plans would be useful.

    I put together a Questionnaire. Not sure how good it is and really
    need to see how good it is before standing in the street asking these
    questions. Is it alright? What would you ask?

    To help me see the type of answers I'm likely to get, could you please
    answer the questions? This way it can help me improve the
    Questionnaire and help others in the same boat as me.

    Portrait Photography Questionnaire

    What do you look for in a photographer?

    Does the gender of the photographer matter to you?

    If so, why?

    Would you hire a photographer that doesn't use studio lights?

    If you answered no, please can you say why?

    If you have ever used a natural light photographer, what did you
    think of the quality of their work?

    Does it matter to you if a photographer uses film or digital?

    Can you please explain why?

    Which of the following type of prints do you prefer (please select all
    that apply);
    Black & White
    Hand Colouring

    Would you be willing to hire a photographer who specialises in any
    of the above?

    The next question is aimed at people who use high street

    What do you think of their prices?

    Are you happy with what you get for that price?

    Are you happy with the poses?

    How do you think their service could be improved?

    Would you use a local photographer over a high street photographer?

    Would you please say why?

    If you have more than one local photographer in the area, how would
    you choose between them?

    How much would you be willing to pay for portraits, and what sizes of
    prints do you prefer?

    Would you be willing to pay £35 or more for a sitting fee?

    If not, could you please say why you'd not pay this amount, and how
    much would you pay?

    Would you be prepared to pay a little extra for online proofing?

    If you would, how much extra would you be prepared to pay?

    What extra services would you like to see photographers offering?

    The next question is aimed at people have already used photographers.

    What did you get and how much did it cost you?

    Did you think you got value for money?

    If not, what was wrong with it?


    abphotography, Aug 29, 2003
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  2. abphotography

    Craig Cooke Guest

    Hmm, I don't think I'd be wasting my time asking any questions like that - I
    appreciate you're doing market research etc, but if you ask 1000 people,
    you'll get 1000 different answers. Also, if I ever get stopped in the
    street by people doing 'market research' (which usually means they are
    selling something or they want me to buy some timeshare) I simply say if you
    want my consultancy services I charge £25.00 per hour, minimum of two hours.
    Sounds arrogant, but I'm busy... Think of things the other way round -
    what's in it for the person your asking questions of ? If nothing, why
    should they bother, they are busy ?

    Instead of asking questions of potential clients - study how other
    photographers work - all the successful ones have a style, find yours (and
    I'm assuming by asking these questions you don't have one yet - and are
    going to adapt to the market ?) and stick to it - it then becomes your
    *Trademark* - that is what you'll become know for - be it contemporary
    natural looking images - or Studio Style work etc etc.

    Look at the likes of

    Nigel Harper
    Annabel Williams
    Jeffery Ascough (wedding photography - but wedding photography is simply a
    series of portraits !)
    Gordon McGowan
    Les Pringle
    Steven Swain


    There are plenty of examples about.

    Also, as there is no RRP for photography, charge what your market can
    stand - and sometimes - it's better to charge more then less (in my
    experience, you get more 'grief' of people wanting a bargain than people who
    recognise the value of photographs and are prepared to pay for them).

    If your prices are too high, you get no customers, if they are too low,
    you'll not make a sustainable living out of it - you'll find your happy

    Remember, your not selling photographs, your selling memories, what are your
    memories worth ? :)

    Good luck.


    Craig Cooke
    'Exciting Fun, Creative & Informal Wedding & Portrait Photography'
    Craig Cooke, Aug 29, 2003
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  3. abphotography

    Pat Chaney Guest

    Agreed - especially for the first question, which at best will just make
    people wonder what on earth you're talking about. It's far too open.

    I don't think that asking people to explain their answers is a great idea
    In the same position I'd seriously consider one of her well-regarded courses
    that cover the business aspects of a portrait/social photography business.


    Pat Chaney, Aug 29, 2003
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