Preddy-tors, the 1Ds & 10D vs SD-9 - betty's test results

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Betty Swallocks, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. Betty got time from her hectic trailer park duties to do the chart tests
    Preddy is so keen on.

    I have used the travesty that was the Preddy 'simulated' 1Ds vs. SD-9 test
    sheet as a basis for my work.

    I have also scanned in my printed copy of the test sheet on my Epson
    perfection 3200 to act as a control/reference.

    My own conclusions are that Preddy is either putting his prints through a
    fairly strong washing machine cycle then photographing them or the SD-9 is
    total junk..... also pay particular attention to the way the SD-9 is
    treating the target lines as they go to the centre.......utter crapola.

    Both the 1Ds & 10D have reproduced pretty accurate pictures of the target,
    you can verify this against the scanned print.

    Betty's work is done......
    Betty Swallocks, Dec 12, 2003
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  2. Betty Swallocks

    Marc Guest

    "Betty Swallocks" <bettystrailerhomeofthe1Ds&
    > wrote in message

    I could almost swear that I've seen that basement before in porn
    Marc, Dec 12, 2003
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  3. Betty Swallocks

    Alan Browne Guest

    In real life 10D vs SD-9 ( ) why is
    there a strong blue line between the black lines for 10D? Is this a
    form of aliasing or due to sharpening in PS?

    Same for the red, but harder to see. Wish you had put up larger images.

    If I pull these into PS and zoom in, it looks like sharpening/contrast

    Alan Browne, Dec 12, 2003
  4. no, these markings are on the original target supplied, and have come out
    slightly differently on the printed version of the sheet. THAT is exactly
    why I scanned the printed sheet on the 3200, check that first before you
    criticise any PS action or camera actions. You will find both cameras have
    faithfully re-produced all the faults on the original test target

    I have done a belt & braces job before publishing here, I know how demanding
    the audience can be !!!!
    Betty Swallocks, Dec 13, 2003
  5. Come round and see me some time........big boy.......
    Betty Swallocks, Dec 13, 2003
  6. Betty Swallocks

    Alan Browne Guest

    Than stop this crap. If you're going to go to the trouble of testing do
    it right or don't do it at all.
    Alan Browne, Dec 13, 2003
  7. Is it my fault Preddy cant supply a test target without colour bunching
    between the lines ???

    Make sure your free lunches don't contain any more sugar........
    Betty Swallocks, Dec 13, 2003
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