Premier 6.5 capture window choppy - mac

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by gradeemay, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. gradeemay

    gradeemay Guest

    I am gearing up my new mac powerbook as a video editing deck. A
    recent convert from PC world, I am more familiar with and like Premier
    over FCP. Yes, that is perhaps a poor choice these days and at some
    point, the switch to FCP seems more probable. In the meantime,
    here's my problem:

    When I access the capture screen to preview raw footage and navigate
    thru video using device control (or manually navigate the camera),
    only about 2-4 frames per second are displayed. The timecode is
    consistent with the skipped frames where only those few frame numbers
    display...all other frames are simply skipped. It is annoying and
    choppy. However, when footage is actually being captured in this same
    window (and thus writing to disk), all frames display properly. And
    ultimately there is no problems with captured video. I've pushed
    every button, changed every number, re-read the documentation, spent
    hours scanning the groups. Has someone else experienced this?
    Anyone have suggestions?

    15" powerbook G4
    1ghz processor
    1ghz memory
    Sony TRV 900 camera
    Adobe Premier V6.5 R174
    gradeemay, Jul 17, 2003
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  2. gradeemay

    Max Volume Guest

    I believe this is to reduce the load on the processor. Capturing the
    frames is a little more important than displaying them for preview. If
    you're just trying to find a specific point on the tape, try navigating
    without capturing -- the video preview should be smooth until you click
    the "record" icon.
    Max Volume, Jul 18, 2003
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  3. gradeemay

    gradeemay Guest

    Thanks for the feedback but...

    It is nice to use the capture window for previewing footage:
    Keystrokes navigate the camera and set in and out points for batch
    capture lists. I've been working this way for a couple of years on my
    PC. My current work-around is to preview and create batch lists in FCP
    (which does not studder in the capture preview screen), perform the
    captures, then point my Premier project to the FCP captures. Not too
    tedious, but I'd like to simply use one tool for the job.

    It makes sense to reduce processor load while actually performing the
    capture, not during preview. So sure, I disable screen output
    during recording.

    Any other guesses why preview is studdering?
    gradeemay, Jul 18, 2003
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