Premiere 6.5 Titler - how to create 2nd "empty" Title w/o stuff from 1st Title

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Kirk E., Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Kirk E.

    Kirk E. Guest

    Whenever I create a title roll using Premiere 6.5 titler, it works
    great. But then if I want to add another roll for the end (i.e.
    credits), I either hit F9 or select File/New . . . Title

    The problem is - the old title always opens. It opens as a "still"
    instead of the actual title, which is a roll - so I can tell it is not
    opening the actual prtl file (otherwise it will say "roll" at the
    top). However, the Titler itself keeps all of the "stuff" from the
    first title. I tried Templates, but there is no "blank" template.

    Any way to open the titler for a 2nd title - and have it be EMPTY,
    once you have already created a title? I havw found that if I create
    a new project that the titler is cleared out, but that does not help
    me for creating two titles for the same project.

    P.S. this is no major problem - I can delete all the text boxes to
    clear it out - it is more a curiosity on my part
    Kirk E., Jun 3, 2006
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  2. Kirk E.

    Davey Boy Guest

    I suspect that it may simply be because the timeline "curson" is actually at
    a point on the timeline where the original title is. So what Premier is
    doing is showing the effect of adding a new title at the current position on
    the time line.

    Try moving the timeline cursor to an empty place on the timeline and then
    try adding a new title there.

    Davey Boy, Jun 4, 2006
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