Premiere pro playback from timeline problem with xl-1

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Rob Howells, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Rob Howells

    Rob Howells Guest

    Hi All,

    First time here!

    I have PPro on XP Home, 512Ram, Intel P4 2.8, ATI 9700 video card,
    60GB 7200 HD, canon xl-1 (not S model)

    I also have two problems:

    When exporting to tape from the time line I notice that the playback
    window on the computer monitor is ok but on, or rather, through
    firewire to the camera (looking at the xl_1 viewfinder here) the
    video cycles between good video and a blue screen, then video, then
    blue screen every 1 second or so. The strage thing is it reocrds fine
    without these breaks. Anyone know this problem?

    Second problem.

    When capturing video F5 and rewinding or fforwarding the tape the
    audio is awfull, skweeking, popping etc, shouldn't it be muted when
    moving the tape? This is not a real problem but every time I move the
    tape I jump out of my seat!

    Anyway I'm hoping someone can help with these initial teething problem


    Rob Howells, Oct 5, 2003
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