Premiere Stutters after file recovery

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by hexfield, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. hexfield

    hexfield Guest

    If anyone could give me a hand with this, I'd appreciate it. My video
    drive crashed and I had to use file recovery software to get all of my
    old premiere projects and video files off of the drive. Luckily
    everything recovered perfectly. Every video plays fine in windows
    media player and all the project files are in tact. However, when I
    open one of the premiere projects, the video plays slow and stuttery as
    if it was trying to play in slow-mo or with the wrong framerate. This
    happens in the timeline, the preview windows, the clip window, etc.

    But I can build NEW adobe projects using the exact same files and
    everything plays flawlessly. Additionally I can export movies from the
    old recovered projects and those play fine too. If I create a new
    project and import one of the recovered projects into it, the video
    still runs slow and stuttery, but if I then reimport the individual
    clips from the exact same project they run smoothly. So I can play
    through the recovered project and it plays poorly but when it reaches a
    newly inserted clip (even if the clip was also in the recovered
    project) the new clip plays normally.

    Can anyone help? I uninstalled and reinstalled premiere (including all
    reg settings) and that didn't help. I can't imagine what the problem
    is. My next step is going to be trying to use premiere's replace clip
    function to replace all the clips in the old projects with the same
    clips and see if that helps. But that's a chore I'd rather not deal
    with. I'm using Premiere 6.5 by the way.

    hexfield, Oct 26, 2005
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  2. hexfield wrote ...
    I'd try de-fragging the hard drive first.
    (Or copy all the files to a new drive).
    Richard Crowley, Oct 26, 2005
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  3. hexfield

    Jona Vark Guest

    yes.. the recovery no doubt left the allocation table in tact but far from
    Jona Vark, Oct 26, 2005
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