Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by fisheye, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. fisheye

    fisheye Guest

    I'm currently working on a project editing together live and archive footage
    for editing in Premiere. (which has been converted from VOB(VTS) to AVI
    using AVS Video Converter). I can view the converted clip but as soon as I
    place it on the timeline and preview all I get in the monitor window is
    black screen. Any suggestions?
    fisheye, Jul 9, 2006
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  2. fisheye

    Tony Morgan Guest

    Remembering that AVI is simply a container for just about anything, AVS
    is converting your files to AVI DixX - which Premiere doesn't like (it's
    expecting AVI DV). Try selecting MPEG2 in AVS.

    You might first like to try renaming the VOB file extensions to MPG, and
    try that in Premiere.
    Tony Morgan, Jul 9, 2006
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  3. fisheye

    fisheye Guest

    Tried renaming - Premiere once again imported and played the clip with sound
    but as soon as put in timeline and previewed showed nothing.
    thanks Tony. Still no luck I'm afraid using mpg or renaming file. mpg not
    recognised by Premiere. The thing thats puzzling is that premiere seems to
    be comfortable importing, playing and letting me trim the converted avi
    files - it just doesnt want to preview them once put into the timeline? Its
    nothing to do with the difference between TYPE 1 AVI or TYPE 2 AVI by chance
    fisheye, Jul 9, 2006
  4. fisheye

    RobDee Guest

    If Premiere is able to "play" the file but you just get black when it´s
    dropped on the timeline, it has to be asked: Have you rendered the sequence?

    RobDee, Jul 9, 2006
  5. fisheye

    fisheye Guest

    yes, ofcourse
    fisheye, Jul 9, 2006
  6. fisheye

    Grumps Guest

    Elements or Pro ?
    I guess they should both behave the same.
    Grumps, Jul 10, 2006
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