Preserving Transparent Background

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Chalky, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. Chalky

    Chalky Guest


    I have asked this before and got the answer I needed - then lost it :-((

    How do I maintain the transparent bacground ouf an image when I save it?

    Thanks in advance,

    Chalky, Jun 26, 2003
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  2. Chalky

    Craig Flory Guest

    Hi Sheila ; When you click save as a .psd file.
    Craig Flory
    Craig Flory, Jun 26, 2003
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  3. Chalky

    Chalky Guest

    Thanks Craig but saviing as a PSD file limits the applications I can insert
    the image to - I want to save as a JPG or GIF for web design

    Chalky, Jun 26, 2003
  4. Chalky

    Chalky Guest

    Thanks Diane - that's how I remember doing it in the past - much obliged!

    Love this Newsgroup! ;-)

    Chalky, Jun 26, 2003
  5. Chalky

    anam Guest

    thanks for this info aswell - i've spent all morning going mad and even
    tried the other photoshop newsgroup to no usef...

    thanks for saving my sanity
    anam, Jun 26, 2003
  6. Chalky

    jrzyguy Guest

    if you are NOT doing stuff for the web...i like png files. transparancy is
    automatic...and the itegretity of the file is pretty high. However....png's
    aint very browser friendly...but they are great for say powerpoint and print

    just my thoughts

    jrzyguy, Jun 27, 2003
  7. Chalky

    Diane Guest

    You're very welcomed Anam. :)

    Diane, Jun 27, 2003
  8. Chalky

    Diane Guest

    You're welcome Sheila. :)

    Diane, Jun 27, 2003
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