Printing to a Canon CP 100 with a Canon Camera and modified pictures

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Mark Butler, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Mark Butler

    Mark Butler Guest

    I've just obtained an unused Canon CP-100 printer off EBAY for £ 20 which
    produces very nice 6"x4" Dye-Sub prints directly from my G6.

    Problem is, I also want to print modified images, and I don't want to stump
    up the £ 25.00 for the Special PC cable or £ 35.00 - £ 40.00 for the PC
    connection Kit.

    I went for the CP-100 as someone gave me a CP-10 without cables, and they
    use the same.

    In hindsight I would have been better going for a newer version of the
    printer with a standard USB interface !

    By copying an unmodified picture back to the camera I can get a print.

    But if the print has been modified in any way including being converted from
    a RAW file using Canon's own software then I get errors including "Image Too

    I've checked the horizontal and vertical resolutions as being correct and
    have even tried different JPEG compressions - but no good.

    Does anyone have experience of putting images back into a Canon camera so
    that it can read and print them ?

    Or has anyone had experience of making a USB converter cable to use the
    mini-USB connector that goes into the Camera back to a Computer ?

    Or any other ideas out there ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Mark Butler
    Mark Butler, Feb 24, 2006
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