Problem wiht HDVSplit

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Jacques E. Bouchard, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I installed HDVSplit when I realized that Premiere doesn't split scenes
    during HDV capture (great, ANOTHER shortcoming). However, whevener the tape
    gets to a point where I changed framerate or format (SD/HD), or where I
    left a blank of a second or two (by reviewing footage), the program stops
    capturing and tells me there's no more data. I have to restart capturing,
    which can be a pain.

    The other thing is that, even though my laptop is fast enough, when using
    the preview window during capture the program crashes sooner or later and I
    have to reboot (just restarting the program doesn't work) to continue

    Is there other software that'll simply do HD capture with scene splitting
    and is more stable?

    Jacques E. Bouchard, Aug 27, 2008
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  2. Premiere will scene split (quite well) after capture - but I
    don't know how well it will handle mixed frame rates or
    formats. It seems unwise to me to mix these on the same
    --David Ruether
    David Ruether, Aug 27, 2008
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  3. I did not know it would perform the scene splitting after capture. Is it
    automatic, or is that hidden in a menu somewhere?

    I only changed to SD once to do an additional shot for an old project.
    Mostly it was changes in frame rates and blanks due to rewinding and fast-
    forwarding to review the footage.

    Jacques E. Bouchard, Aug 27, 2008
  4. Ooops! I don't have Premiere handy just now - but the scene
    splitting in Elements is done as it is captured as I now recall for
    SD, and it is done after capture for HDV (from a menu item).
    Switching frame rates and formats (and including time code
    breaks) on the same tape is really going to complicate this
    process, and likely make it not work... Either swap out tapes
    to keep formats and frame rates consistent within a tape (taking
    care to keep time code without breaks), or record 10-20 seconds
    of black between changes (still unwise...) and manually start and
    stop captures within footage that is all the same.
    You can always convert HD to DV-AVI when needed...
    I would try really hard to avoid these problems on the same tape...
    (but others may not be so cautious...;-).
    David Ruether, Aug 27, 2008
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