Problem with Canon Powershot A720is

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Reinhard Zwirner, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Dear Experts

    Today, I got a new PS A720is as a successor for my PS A80. Installed
    the batteries, inserted the memory card, shot a photo, viewed it in
    playback mode: wonderful.

    Let's try another photo, so back to shooting mode: oops, what's this?!
    There's no picture :-(. Indeed, the display showed nothing but the
    symbols (auto flash, ISO, stabilizer, etc.). Actually, not a single
    error message is displayed. Even a reset to default settings as well
    as changing the batteries didn't help.

    But maybe it's one of you experts who can help ...

    TIA for helpful hints.


    Reinhard Zwirner, Nov 4, 2008
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  2. Reinhard Zwirner

    ASAAR Guest

    I don't have an A720IS, but am going by other Axxx models. If you
    press the Disp. button, does the display cycle through different
    views, some with symbols, some without, one with grid lines, etc.?

    Does the black background resemble what you'd see if you were able
    to cover the lens? The only way I can get that black/dark effect
    without covering the lens is to have the PowerShot set to Manual
    mode, which varies the brightness of the image in the LCD depending
    on camera settings. The image may appear black if the shutter speed
    is too fast, the aperture too small, the ISO too low, or some poorly
    selected combination of these. In P, Tv, Av and other (non-M)
    modes, the image should be visible no matter what settings have been
    selected. If this isn't what's causing your problem and nobody else
    here has an answer, speak with or email Canon's tech. support.
    ASAAR, Nov 4, 2008
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  3. After just one photo I'm not able to judge a possible resemblance ...
    There's no picture in all possible modes. So I'm afraid I have to
    contact the tech. support :-(

    Many thanks for your help

    Reinhard Zwirner, Nov 4, 2008
  4. Reinhard Zwirner

    Dudley Hanks Guest

    If you find out what the problem is, I'd be interested in hearing what the
    cause is. I've got an old A70 that has the same problem.

    Since it was a few years old when the display crapped out, I bought an A720
    rather than repairing it. But, it was such a good camera I haven't had the
    heart to throw it out. I keep hoping someone will post a solution so I can
    use it as a backup.

    Good Luck,
    Dudley Hanks, Nov 4, 2008
  5. Hi Dudley,

    I've found the following text on



    Important Notice About Your Canon Product:
    It has recently come to our attention that the vendor-supplied
    CCD image sensors used in this Canon digital camera may cause
    the following malfunction: When the product is used in recording
    or playback mode, the LCD screen and/or electronic viewfinder may
    exhibit either a distorted image or no image at all. While reports
    of this malfunction have been rare in the United States, we have
    determined that it may occur if the product is exposed to hot and
    humid environments.

    Effective immediately, and regardless of warranty status, Canon
    will repair, free of charge, products exhibiting the above-mentioned
    malfunction if the malfunction is caused by the CCD image sensor.
    Canon will also cover the cost of shipping and handling in connection
    with this repair.

    U.S. residents are kindly directed to contact the Canon Customer
    Support Center for further assistance at 1-800-828-4040. Support
    hours are Monday thru Friday - 8:00 AM to 12:00 midnight; and
    Saturday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (all times EST). Alternatively, if
    electronic support is preferred, please send your email to

    This information is for residents of the United States of America
    and Puerto Rico only. If you do not reside in the USA or Puerto Rico,
    please contact the Canon Customer Support Center in your region.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue,
    and appreciate your understanding in this matter. Thank you for your
    support and patronage of Canon products.

    Click here for more information regarding this issue



    Reinhard Zwirner, Nov 6, 2008
  6. Hi all,

    Just to let you know: my A720 IS was warranty-repaired by
    Canon service. "Therapy": Objective replaced.

    Happy New Year to all of you!

    Reinhard Zwirner, Dec 29, 2008
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