Problem with my Olympus 1 GB XD card

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by snallamothu, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. snallamothu

    snallamothu Guest

    Hi ,
    Can anyone pls help me ...recently i bought a Olympus 1 GB XD card
    to my FujiFilm FinePixViewer camera .When iam trying to take pictures
    it is saying write error even though i formated the card. I dont
    understand what to do. Any one faced this type of prob?
    snallamothu, Nov 21, 2006
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  2. snallamothu

    Rudy Benner Guest

    Formatted in the camera?
    Rudy Benner, Nov 21, 2006
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  3. snallamothu

    Pete D Guest

    Can the camera actually use a 1 Gig card, some older ones cannot use cards
    that big.
    Pete D, Nov 21, 2006
  4. snallamothu

    Avery Guest

    What is a FujiFilm FinePixViewer Camera? Finepix Viewer, as far as I
    know, is a piece of software.

    What model camera do you actually have?

    Is it a type H or type M card?

    Is the camera capable of using that type of card?

    did you format the card in the camera?

    Does the card work in another camera or reader?

    Do other cards work in the camera?

    Have you used the camera before?

    Is the card new , or did you buy it second hand?

    Have you returned it to the dealer for warranty?

    Have you returned the camera to a dealer for testing?
    Avery, Nov 21, 2006
  5. snallamothu

    snallamothu Guest

    The camera is Fuji Film FinePix A340 camera , earlier we used Fuji
    512 MB card it worked fine , we bought Olympus 1 GB XD card online in
    amajon . I formated the card in the camera.
    The card type is H.

    snallamothu, Nov 24, 2006
  6. snallamothu

    Tony Polson Guest

    I wonder if there is a basic incompatibility between Olympus and
    FujiFilm versions of the XD card?

    It is certainly known to be the case that FujiFilm XD cards are not
    compatible with the panoramic mode of Olympus digicams. Perhaps there
    are other significant differences that prevent an Olympus card working
    in a FujiFilm camera?

    I note that Costco are careful always to offer both brands of XD card,
    presumably to ensure compatibility with the brand of camera. If
    Olympus XD cards worked perfectly in FujiFilm cameras there would be
    no need to offer both brands of card.
    Tony Polson, Nov 24, 2006
  7. snallamothu

    LabRat Guest

    Type H cards should work in your camera IF you have updated your A340s
    firmware to the latest version.
    LabRat, Nov 29, 2006
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