Problem With Photo Numbering

Discussion in 'Digital Point & Shoot Camera' started by tc, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. tc

    tc Guest

    I have a Fuji Finepix 3800 with which I am very satisifed as it takes excellent
    photos. Howevedr, the only problem is that when I insert a new memory disk,
    it begions numbering the photos on the new disk with the same numbers as on
    the old disk begining with dscf 0001. This presents a problem when I want to
    download multiple disks into the same folder on my PC. I know I can easily
    create new folders, but I prefer to keep each batch of trip photos in the same file

    I wonder if there is any way to either get the camera to number all phjotos
    sequentially or to renumber the photos sequentially easily without having to
    change the name of each file individually? I would appreciate any suggests.
    Please send to:

    tc, Jan 3, 2006
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  2. You could try PIE (Picture Information Extractor) from:

    You may also be able to set an option on your camera to number pictures
    sequentially when changing cards - check the manual.

    David J Taylor, Jan 3, 2006
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  3. tc

    peter Guest

    I had this problem with a Minolta Dimage-X, and found no solution. After
    losing (overwriting) a few batches of pix I learnt to upload each card
    to a separate folder, and then rename as appropriate. I currently use a
    KM Dimage Z5 which has the welcome option to serially number all photos
    regardless of the date taken, card used &c.
    peter, Jan 3, 2006
  4. tc

    David Wright Guest

    There is a simple answer to this problem which I also experienced with a
    Fuji A101 which I use as a pocket camera.

    If you use a card reader to upload your pictures MOVE all pictures (say
    DSCF0001 to DSCF0099) except the last numbered (say DSCF0100) to your
    hard disk folder. Then COPY the last numbered (DSCF0100) to your hard
    disk folder leaving the original .jpg file on the flash card.

    When you reinsert the card in the camera the next picture taken will be
    numbered DSCF0101 and the others will follow in sequence.

    If you want to use multiple cards copy a .jpg file from your hard disk
    to the additional flash card(s) after renaming with an appropriate
    sequence number such as DSCF0200.jpg.
    David Wright, Jan 3, 2006
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