Problem with Premiere Pro 1.5 AVI video from DV cam

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Marvin, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. Marvin

    Marvin Guest


    I have a problem importing clips from a DV camera with Premiere 1.5
    (and WinXP). The video seems to be extremly defective in the preview
    monitor and also when I export it to MPEG. It looks like a strong
    mosaic (screenshot:

    The captured video file can be played without problems in Windows Media
    Player or Media Player Classic. I can also convert it with TMPGENC.

    Even older clips that I captured and worked on with Premiere 6 (but
    under Win2K not, XP - means before reinstall) look faulty now.
    Other AVIs (not from DV) seem to be working well.

    WinXP Pro
    Premiere Pro 1.5
    Panasonic NV-DS5 camera

    Thanks for any hints!

    Marvin, Oct 24, 2005
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  2. Premiere Pro 1.5 is an odd beast - it uses an usual combination of
    proprietary and generic codecs. The default for rendering etc is a custom
    version of the Main Concept codec. This codec isn't 'visible' to other
    apps. To use a different codec for rendering requires quite a programming
    feat by developers who have to write not only a rendering engine, but a
    whole slew of other stuff to deal with various aspects of the flow of data
    through the timeline (I have the Premiere SDK and it explains the horrors).

    The fact that your files play just fine in Media Player but anything
    rendered by Premiere look strange clearly points to a Premiere-related

    I've looked at the screenshot and it looks as if the codec is treating your
    DV data as NTSC instead of PAL. (I'm assuming you're in the land of SAT-1
    and, hence, PAL). NTSC and PAL DV are similar but differ in the way the 8x8
    blocks of video data are mapped on to the output frame. The real giveaway
    is the very right hand column which doesn't look messed up. This is the
    only part of an NTSC frame that is laid out like PAL.

    So, either your settings are wrong for the project or something else is
    overriding them and forcing the codec to NTSC.

    John F. Miller, Oct 24, 2005
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