Problem with Sandisk 512 cf card in Sandisk Dual card reader sddr-75

Discussion in 'Digital Point & Shoot Camera' started by Colin, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Colin

    Colin Guest

    This is a reply to previous poster (couldn't respond to his message.)
    He had trouble with a new sandisk 512 compact flash card in his
    Sandisk Imagemate dual card reader # SDDR-75. IT ALSO HAPPENED TO ME!

    I just bought a 512 compact flash card. I've been using the SDDR-75
    Sandisk dual card reader for a few years with a 256 simpletech card
    with absolutely no problems.

    I put the new 512 card in my Canon A70, format it, and shoot away. No
    problem. I put the card in the reader, no problem. I try to copy the
    files.... It hangs the computer. I try again - it copies some, and
    corrupts some of the files on the card. (This is on Win 2000.) I view
    the card on the camera - some photos will not display.

    I reformat the card, reshoot, reboot the computer, then try again.
    Same deal.

    So, I call Sandisk, give the tech support dude the model numbers. His
    reply? "Oh, yeah, that card reader is one of our early models. Your
    new memory card is likely pretty new. (I didn't have it with me.)
    You'll probably need to buy a new card reader." I ask "Have the
    Compact flash standards changed?" "Um, no, but you know technology.
    Yesterdays best stuff is todays ....."

    So, what to do? I'll try downloading from the camera, to see if the
    card is ok. I'll probably try a new card anyway. After that, I am not
    sure. The card reader is too old to take back.

    Does anyone know why an older reader will not read a newer card?
    Nothing else has changed in my camera or pc configuration.

    Colin, Dec 20, 2004
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  2. Colin

    dvus Guest

    Here's what they told me:
    "We have seen some problems with our Newer Cards not reading correctly in
    the SDDR-75. (Extreme) (Ultra2) (All new Cards) These newer cards are much
    faster then our older cards and the reader may be having problems reading
    these faster cards."

    I wasn't told if my reader was one of the ones that was problematical even
    though they asked for serial numbers for the 512 MB card *and* for the
    SDDR-75 reader. They went on to say:
    "Please check out our website on the link below for more information about a
    Which I guess means if your existing reader won't read your card, here's
    where you can buy one of our new ones.

    dvus, Dec 20, 2004
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  3. Colin

    colin Guest

    I called back Sandisk today. Tech. asked me for my address, etc to send
    me a replacement reader. I had to call back to give him my serial
    number from the reader (didn't have it with me.) I call back, and I get
    "Sorry - can't help you." I talk to a supervisor, with no luck. His
    story: The new cards have a newer controller in them. I take it to mean
    that they are NOT backwards compatable. For a card that is "Guaranteed
    Compatable" I think it is very poor.

    The end of the story: He'd give me 30% off their website. Yeah, like
    I'm going to give them business. I'm returning the card, and will deal
    with this after Christmas. So if someone wants a discount code for 30%
    off anything on their site, email me.
    colin, Dec 21, 2004
  4. Colin

    dvus Guest

    I think that you'll have that problem with any of the newer, faster cards.
    The SDDR-75 just can't read them, according to SanDisk.
    Heh, too late, I already went and got an SDDR-92. It reads the new card at
    super-sonic speeds and cost less than $20.00.
    dvus, Dec 26, 2004
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