Problems Exporting from NERO to Canon 600i digital video camera

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by akh, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. akh

    akh Guest

    Problems Exporting from NERO to Canon 600i digital video camera

    hope someone can help me -
    I have a problem with NERO that is driving me crazy!

    I am unable to export from NERO to my digital video camera - a Canon

    Reason I want to do this is because I'm not sure how stable DVD media
    - although I can store my home movies (as AVI files) on DVD, as well
    as the PC harddrive, I want to transfer the edited movies back onto
    film as well, for a secure backup I suppose.

    My digital video camera is a specific model that allows export of
    movie files (edited) from computer back IN to the camera.
    This is why I bought this model (600 i) rather than the considerably
    cheaper Canon 600 (no "i").

    NERO is Nero Vision Express (Nero 6). Updated via download (as per
    Nero's advice) to last month's release.

    So if I shoot some film using the digital video camera, transfer this
    to the computer via a firewire cable, edit it in NERO, I am unable to
    export it back in to the camera.

    In NERO, I first select a movie (edited) to export. Then in Export To
    options, I can see and select the camera ok (when camera is connected
    to my PC by firewire cable). I begin the process and although it
    appears on PC screen that a film is being exported, it is not. The
    camera film is empty.
    The camera has an LCD screen. When filming/ recording you can see the
    film that is actually being recorded. When not filming/recording there
    is a stationary icon of a cassette. What is strange is that when I try
    to export the movie from NERO to the camera, horizontal lines move
    across the cassette icon, but no movie is visible, and nothing is
    recorded onto the film - no picture, and no sound.

    I discovered recently that I can save the film (edited) on my
    harddrive as "type 1" or as "type 2". Type 1 seems to be the default.
    I played around with this option and noticed that same film saved as
    type 1 and type 2 - the type 2 file is about 5% larger.

    Perhaps type 1 is compressed in some way, and wonder if this is part
    of the problem? However even if I try to export a "type 2" AVI file
    (uncompressed possibly??) from PC into movie camera, it still doesn't

    One way around this I found was to use Adobe Premier LE (ltd edition)
    to export the AVI file from PC to the camera film.
    If I have edited the movie using NERO and saved it as a "type 2" AVI
    file, then I can actually export this from Adobe Premier to the camera
    film and it is fine - picture and sound both present.
    However if I do this with a default "type 1" AVI file, then I only get
    picture, no sound from the film - just a slight hiss!

    I've contacted NERO by email twice about this problem. The first time
    they suggested I downloaded a program update, which should fix the
    problem. I downloaded it but it made no difference.
    So I emailed them again - after a delay they got back to me and said
    you couldn't do what I wanted to do with NERO!

    I find this hard to believe, esp. as the camera is a selectable option
    when choosing to export a film. This is on the default export screen.

    Please help!
    thanks :)
    akh, Jan 25, 2004
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  2. akh

    Ron Guest

    Is your camera in "vcr" mode when you attempt to send to the camera from the

    Ron, Jan 26, 2004
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