Problems with Premiere Pro CS4

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Don Stauffer, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. Don Stauffer

    Don Stauffer Guest

    My wife just got CS4 on her new computer and is having a little trouble
    adapting. We are having a bit of a problem installing the wireless for
    our internet modem- when we do I'll get her subscribed to the group and
    let her discuss the problems, but for right now I'll relay a couple of
    the major problems.

    One is sound export. While CS4 does seem to have some new sound
    features, she has Cool Edit Pro and is much more familiar with it. With
    PP 2, she could select a sound bite and export it as a wave file. She
    cannot find a similar function in CS4. How do you export a portion of
    the sound track?

    She also used to use the "save as" function to create variations that
    she could edit. However, with CS4 she cannot seem to edit files she
    saved using the SAVE AS function.
    Don Stauffer, Aug 14, 2009
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  2. Via the Media Encoder.
    That's odd. Not sure why it would do that.


    Martin Heffels, Aug 15, 2009
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  3. Don Stauffer

    Don Stauffer Guest

    She tried that, and it SORT of worked, but what it produced was an AVI
    file with the video missing. She used to be able to export a wav of the

    Also, forgot to mention, she cannot find the old function to export a
    single frame as a JPEG or TIFF. She has found a workaround, but it is a
    weird method.

    Trying to get her on web herself, but am unable to install a wireless
    transceiver- my daughter knows how but just has not made it over yet. I
    finally now have to give up and admit my kids know more about computers
    than I do :-(
    Don Stauffer, Aug 16, 2009
  4. Used a CS4 system this weekend, so here goes.....
    You can select an audio only profile in there: AIFF, WAV and AAC.
    Sadly enough in CS4 this goes via the Media Encoder to a Still
    Sequence. A very strange decision as it used to be easy to do from
    within Premiere.
    Stttt, don't give away your age ;-)


    Martin Heffels, Aug 31, 2009
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