Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Jon Schneider, May 11, 2004.

  1. I don't want anything special but a colour developing/printing service
    better than much of what is on the high street while still being
    sensibly priced.

    Which mail-order companies do people use ? Or which of any high street
    shops do a reasonable job these days ?

    Jon Schneider, May 11, 2004
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  2. We had some slides processed and prints made at the same time from recently and they came back with dirt marks all over the
    slides and these had transfered to the prints as well.

    A couple also showed signs of botched cleaning.

    We shall not be using them again...
    Robert Maskill, May 11, 2004
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  3. Jon Schneider

    mark Dunn Guest

    Try the chemist. I have been happy with Colorama.
    mark Dunn, May 11, 2004
  4. Jon Schneider

    Mike Hunter Guest

    I used to get films processed mail order but for the last few years I have
    mainly used the in-store processors at Superdrug.

    Quality of 7x5s is much better than 6x4s. Quality of printing varies a bit
    from shop to shop - e.g. prints from Superdrug Romsey are more contrasty
    than Superdrug Shirley/Southampton. Shirley is better but Romsey's OK when
    I'm in a hurry.

    Too late for Superdrug recently, I took a film in to Boots and was
    pleasantly surprised. Mainly indoor shots in churches, I was expecting poor
    colours, green shadows etc. but in fact they did an excellent job. Again

    My experience of the big processors that serve the independent chemists and
    small photo shops is that they are useless. The man running the machine does
    not have to explain in person why he let a whole roll of paper get ripped
    along one edge because he didn't load it properly! Poor colour balance and
    extreme contrast seem to be the norm with these places.


    Mike Hunter, May 11, 2004
  5. I had a roll of film back today from one of the small camera shops
    that sends their films out to an external processor (Fotoview) and the
    results were awful.

    It may have been me, but virtually every shot has come back extremely
    grainy, fuzzy and dark despite the bulk of them having been shot on
    Fuji Superia ASA 200 film on a bright sunny day (and following the
    meter on my camera for exposure). More or less all of the shots would
    have been f/16 at 1/125 or 1/250...

    I put a roll in through Snappy Snaps the previous week - same brand
    and speed of film, same camera, same meter, etc - and they are all
    near enough perfect. Sharp, nice contrast, not over dark or over
    bright. Really 'classy' looking prints.

    Now it's possible that I messed up the 'bad' roll in some way - I'm
    new to
    manual cameras so perhaps there's something I did wrong - but I won't
    be using Fotoview again.

    [If there is something I might have done wrong, pointers would be

    Unfortunately Snappy Snaps were more than double the price for the
    processing - they really <are> expensive - aprrox £7 for a roll of 35m
    on their 24 hr service.

    One person in the thread has recommend Colorama... anyone else had
    good/bad experiences with them? There's a local chemist about 100
    yards from my house does Colorama processing and it's fairly cheap. So
    if they were usable, that'd be extremely convenient.

    I've had more or less universally bad results from Boots (although my
    wife disagrees and has had good prints back from them).

    Results from the various cheapo mail order places - Bonusprint,
    Trupint, Doubleprint, York, etc have been mixed. I've had some of the
    best prints I've ever had back from them, and some of the worst also.
    By the time you factor in postage they're really not any cheaper than
    the local places too.

    Matt McGrattan, May 12, 2004
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