ProDigital2000 (E-Bay Store)

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by warrick1961, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. warrick1961

    warrick1961 Guest

    warrick1961, Apr 12, 2005
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  2. warrick1961

    Warmingup Guest

    I can't comment other than that "Cashback America" scheme looks
    dodgy.........But it may not be...My Brother-in-law purchased a Quad bike
    here in Oz that was $3500 with $1500 Cashback in 24 months and it worked for

    Have you thought about

    they have a good record from what I have researched.
    Warmingup, Apr 12, 2005
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  3. warrick1961

    Douglas Guest

    This is how it is...
    Everything you buy and every service you perform in Australia is taxable at
    10% GST
    Everything you import with a $value above (I think) $400 is subject to GST.
    The way these jokers who claim you can import a $2k plus camera into Oz
    without GST is by putting gift wrapping and a card in the package. Customs
    are on to it, don't do it, you'll be the one to get caught.

    Douglas, Apr 12, 2005
  4. warrick1961

    spaced Guest

    I bought a 300D (actually accidently won 2 300Ds) last week. I havent
    received the cameras yet but you should work on your landed in australia
    cost as

    win price
    + shipping $100
    + insurance $25
    + CA$ to AU$ conversion and back again of around 5%
    + gst %10 on all of the above
    + customs fee $50

    The currency conversion is a bit dodgy i think. They said they were going to
    charge my credit card in CA$ so converted the auction amount into CA$ using
    the daily exchange rate. However, my when this transfered back to AU$ on my
    credit card the amount went from $1257 to $1321
    spaced, Apr 12, 2005
  5. warrick1961

    PC Guest

    Warning, don't deal with them.
    The following is my true story happened last week........
    I bit and won a Digital Rebel from them two weeks ago.
    I paid $132 for GST when the camera arrived.
    Back home and found the camera top focus LED not light up at correct
    Then I email them three times about that problem and get no any reply from
    OK, I email the MACK 3 years warranty which provided from them come with my
    camera .
    The MACK email me back : "The dealer is responsible for the first 90 days
    and then our warranty goes into effect. "
    Now, the only way I can do is leave them a "NEGATIVE" feedback on ebay and
    wait three months to claim my warranty again. Of course they leave me a
    "NEGATIVE" feedback too(very unfair).
    The story not finished yet........ I also claim the repairing cost which a
    local camera repair shop quote me A$52. from PAYPAL protection. But
    Prodigital2000 refused to pay!

    You can check my (luk8)feedback on their history and also check how they
    leave a "NEGATIVE" feedback to me as well!

    PC, Apr 12, 2005
  6. warrick1961

    PC Guest

    Hi all,

    I have all email records to proof what I say is true.
    If anyone interested. Please email me for more information.

    Good Luck

    PC, Apr 12, 2005
  7. warrick1961

    googlegroups Guest

    This kind of thing makes me nervous (it's for a 1DsII) :

    "*This is a special 'We pay the import fee if there is any' auction. AU
    $12499.99 plus P&P is all you ever need to spend in order to own this
    item. Any import tax/duty charged will be reimbursed by us in full,
    upon producing an official custom receipt. Please keep the customs
    receipt for reimbursement. Just post/fax/scan and email your custom
    receipt to us, and will we pay you the GST amount within 24 hours!"

    Sounds like they take a gamble that not all packages will be
    inspected... too bad if customs decides to punish YOU for "THEIR"

    This no GST thing doesn't make sense to me anyway:

    $12,499.99 for camera
    $ 100.00 for postage

    $13,999.00 for camera (AU RRP)
    -$1,399.90 GST credit (if you have an ABN)

    Buying local at RRP actually works out slightly cheaper, plus you have
    a local warranty and a "take it back" option if you purchased it from a
    bricks and mortar store.

    On top of that, who is going to pay the full AU RRP? :)
    googlegroups, Apr 12, 2005
  8. JL,

    That's no good mate. Guess thats the risk you take when buying something
    from another country. :(

    At best you'll need to post it back to them, at your cost, wait for it to be
    repaired, then pay for postage back.

    It'll be a darn site cheaper to pay the $52 for the repair.

    I am looking to buy a 20D kit through them and probably will. Just a matter
    of luck.

    Hope they work something out for you.

    John Tavendale, Apr 13, 2005
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