Profit from Photography... Some do, some can't

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Douglas, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Douglas

    Douglas Guest


    Thanks for the hit fool... Ratings going up, up, up!

    The NY auction is over BTW.
    The London auction is on today, oddly enough.

    When you actually accept you are only a happy snapper taking "pics" that
    only amuse your low-life mates, you too might make a few bucks from
    dealing in photographs. You could always buy and sell mine at a profit,
    until you get the hang of it, you know?

    Let's not forget either, what a joke you are amongst photographer's who
    do make a living from their work. How many people would knock back the
    opportunity sell their work without spending a cent on publishing it?

    You did!
    You just can't help going back to the gutter you came from, can you?

    Name calling and posting your disgusting smut when you have no way of
    countering the truth. Some people are just born with a self destructive
    streak in them. Pathetic fool you are.

    Douglas, Nov 12, 2007
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  2. Douglas

    Annika1980 Guest

    Where? You are such a liar! As if anyone would spend a dime on your
    crappy prints. Hell, you can't even sell them in Tangalooma, let
    alone New York or London.
    Are you referring to your "kind offer" to take my pics and print them
    in book form for you to sell? Yeah, that'll fuckin happen. NOT!
    You can't be trusted to ever tell the truth about anything ... each
    lie bigger than the last. Now you are up to auctioning your prints in
    NYC and London. What's next? A nude exhibition of old Marg in Gay

    Like I'm gonna send ya my pics for you to make a buck on?
    Hold your breath. I'll live like a pauper before I let your sorry
    lying ass make a penny off my work.

    I believe in the words of the great Larry Holmes who said,
    "Money don't make me .... I make money!"

    Now go take a few more of those pills Marg gave you and take a long
    nap and dream about the millions you make from all your fabulous
    Digital Print Centers (that nobody can seem to locate), your world
    famous Bridezilla pics being auctioned at Sotheby's, and rubbing oil
    on Julian and his mates on your fabulous yacht.
    Annika1980, Nov 12, 2007
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  3. Douglas

    Douglas Guest


    How predictable was that?

    Yes Bret... I do have a lot of web sites. I created and manage a lot more
    than I own too. Not sure exactly but last count I had 46 of my own and
    managed clost to 90 for my clients. Not that that has anything to do with

    No wonder Rita get's such a kick out pulling your strings. You dance so
    well and so predictably. I bet he'd love to find the string you keep
    around your dick so you can find it when you need a piss. Give that on a
    good old yank! OW! ROTFL. I'd like to see that!

    Shit mate, how long is since you've seen the old fella anyway? It must be
    a pisser of joke when you lose the string and get your feet wet! LOL...
    Side splitting laughter all round here! Oh... the pathetic little halfwit
    bites again!

    Ha, ha, ha. Hell mate, you are more fun than watchin a dog swimming in
    pool full of blue ringed octopus! I gotta tell you mate, I’ve had some of
    the best sales ever in the past 2 months. Here's the pick of 'em, Bret...
    $980 US. I'll clear about $750 by the time I get paid.

    What'd I sell? Ha, ha, ha. Pelicans in Paradise mate... The pictures you,
    your bum buddy Mark Thomas and your cyber slut poured shit on. LOL. Look
    who's laughing now.

    Yep... The first page of the book had this shot on it: You remember that one? Was it you or your
    bum buddy Mark Thomas who said "totally inappropriate use of flash"? Boy,
    as soon as you heaped shit on it, I knew it was going make me some money.
    Little did I know how much!

    And what about this one?
    Surely you haven’t forgotten that one? When you ran (for want of a better
    word) Shootin. You thought is was so cool! Ha,ha. ROTFL. I took the fake
    lightning out (put it in another shot actually) and got $600 for it!

    Even you bum buddy Mark had something to say about this one: $350 off my web site and $600 at auction!
    Who's the idiot Bret?

    But wait there's more… Remember that submission when your were running
    shootin? You know from Svetlana Nevski? You actually thought is was a
    real person? Guess who’s running shootin now? -Svetlana Nevski !!!!Ha,ha,

    You are such a dick head Bret. The whole world is laughing at you while
    you roll in the manure a few of your mates call accolades. If only you
    could see it from the outside. I guess that’d mean pulling your head out
    of your ass.

    Hey that might work, you could get your dick out of your mouth at the
    saem time then and maybe not need a string on it! Enjoy your pathetic
    existence Bret, No one else would.

    Here's laughing at you,
    Douglas, Nov 12, 2007
  4. Douglas

    Annika1980 Guest

    Of course you would You're a fag.
    C'mon D-Mac, admit it. You didn't get that round mouth from eating
    square meals, did ya?
    Annika1980, Nov 12, 2007

  5. "more fun than watchin a dog swimming in
    pool full of blue ringed octopus!"

    helensilverburg, Nov 12, 2007
  6. Douglas

    Draco Guest

    You say that you have sold these images for a good profit. Well good
    for you. No one really gives a fart in a wind storm, Doug. If you are
    making money with your photography, good for you. No one else cares.
    You claim to have fun watching a dog swim in a pool of blue ring
    octopii. Then you sir are a sadistic, hate-mongering soul. Who will
    never have any reason to supply any comments to anyone about what is
    right or wrong. I have seen with my own eyes the painful bite of those
    little criters. I have been by the side of friends as they fight for
    air. For shivering in pain as they gasp for that life giving air. I
    say you are the most demented person I have come across.

    Draco, Nov 12, 2007
  7. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    Curious Draco... Bret says worse and you remain silent. Patriotism
    Douglas, Nov 12, 2007
  8. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    Why? because I have a dislike for dogs, cyber sluts and idiots from
    Chattanooga? Comeon... Get life slut.

    You can't post links pornographicly altered images stolen from my wife's
    web site and try the high and mighty stuff with me. You are no better
    than the disgusting porn lover you bought a camera for. You pair must
    have a wonderful time exchanging porn pic with each other.

    Douglas, Nov 12, 2007
  9. Douglas

    Draco Guest

    No, reality. Which you seem to lack.

    Draco, Nov 12, 2007
  10. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    Why? because I have a dislike for dogs, cyber sluts and idiots from
    Chattanooga? Comeon... Get life slut.

    You can't post links pornographicly altered images stolen from my wife's
    web site and try the high and mighty stuff with me. You are no better
    than the disgusting porn lover you bought a camera for. You pair must
    have a wonderful time exchanging porn pic with each other.

    Douglas, Nov 12, 2007
  11. Douglas

    Annika1980 Guest

    I can handle you not liking me or even Helen (although I don't
    understand how anyone could dislike her). But anyone who doesn't like
    dogs is less than a turd in my book.

    Even as disgusting as I find the troll, Rita, I'll bet The Mighty
    Jewel and his dog, Remy, would be great friends. Jewel would kick
    Remy's ass, of course, but they'd be pals after the fight.
    Annika1980, Nov 12, 2007
  12. Douglas

    Draco Guest


    Seems to me that you are the one who needs to get a life and fast. You
    seem to have the highest number of posts defaming others who disagree
    with your style of photography, your lack of style with dealing with
    people and your lack of common sense period. You may dislike dogs and
    that is fine. Wishing them to thrown in a pool full of venonous sea
    creatures is beyond normal human behavior.

    Seek help, soon.

    Draco, Nov 12, 2007
  13. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    I doubt any American could ever comprehend the notion of reality.

    Whoever came up with that flag waving patriotic rhetoric sure was a smart

    Lit up a whole nation of easily led soles and convinced them war was not
    just something American businesses with defense contracts needed but it
    would “SAVE†all those helpless people out there quite happily with
    living in a Communist or Muslim state.

    Loyalty is another thing altogether.
    I have plenty of that. One day you may discover the reality of your

    Douglas, Nov 12, 2007
  14. Douglas

    Annika1980 Guest

    So you stupidly think that all Americans think the same?
    If we use this logic than we must conclude from your actions that all
    Aussies are no-talent, paranoid delusionals.
    Annika1980, Nov 12, 2007
  15. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    All that does sort of post does is affirm how jealous you are of me. The
    pathetic thing about your jealousy is that it consumes your sole.

    Not that you had any creativity in the first place but the pictures you
    post are getting worse with every one you post. The same boring shit.
    Croped to hell and over worked in Photoshop. Boring, boring, boring.

    Get a grip on another part of your anatomy and try to revive what little
    skill you have. You really are in danger of becoming a consumed person.
    Do you have no other interest in life but to rush to your PC and figure
    out what you can do to Doug in the news groups today?

    Mate... You are the joke of the day, every day. DO you think I actually
    care what you do? Everyone else sees it and judges you for the paranoid
    village idiot you actually are.

    Douglas, Nov 13, 2007
  16. Douglas

    Annika1980 Guest

    I think you got it bassackwards. says hi.
    Well, let's see .... you still have a whole website dedicated to me,
    you bring me up in almost every post you make, and you spend hours and
    hours making threats about having me arrested for bullying you when I
    make fun of your lousy pics. Yeah, I'd say I rule your ass!
    And you talk about being consumed with jealousy? Look in a fuckin
    mirror. You'll always have a hardon for me, but that's ok since it is
    the only hardon you can still get.

    Sucks to be you, old cock!
    Annika1980, Nov 13, 2007
  17. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    As long as you keep using my photos and committing fraud using my
    identity and think you are free to hand out insults whenever you feel
    like it, I'll maintain that site and promote it to the search engines.
    I'll keep at it Every week until it gets results.

    Sending a history of your dirty deeds to American agencies, American
    Polititians, American news services and pumping up the search engines
    with it.

    Sooner or later, someone will sit up and take notice. Then you'll get
    your just deserts. You are worse than the worst. A swine of person
    behaving like a complete idiot and you can't see how everyone is laughing
    at you and your cyber slut for the comic routine your are acting out.

    I've come across idiots before and I've come across fools before but
    never before have I come across a foolish idiot like you, behaving like
    an idiotic fool.

    Douglas, Nov 13, 2007
  18. All that does sort of post does is affirm how jealous you are of me. The
    And, as a direct consequence of that, you will have to walk barefooted for
    the rest of your life.......
    William Graham, Nov 13, 2007
  19. Douglas

    Annika1980 Guest

    Don't make fun of the ignorant, Billy.
    My soles have already been worn out from verbally stomping a mudhole
    in his ass and walking it dry.
    Annika1980, Nov 13, 2007
  20. Douglas

    Douglas Guest

    Ho hum...
    Different day, same shit. Just like your photos... Boring, boring, boring.
    Douglas, Nov 14, 2007
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