Program for editing out video from dvd? TMPGEnc ? additional info needed.

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Kathleen, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Kathleen

    Kathleen Guest

    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for reading, I have a few simple questions..

    My roommate and I recently purchased a Panasonic DMR-E100H.. This is a
    great machine.

    I have been recording music videos in the 4 hour mode on to a dvd-r
    and I want to edit out each music video and save it to my HD for
    future use.

    I just started using TMPGEnc to do make some dvds.

    I have been coping the Video_TS folder from the dvd-s to my hard drive
    and making dvds.

    Here is my questions:

    1) what is an easy/good program to use for editing the video stored in
    the Video_TS folder on my hard drive. I would like to have a program
    that plays the video and audio and I can select each video and
    cut/copy it out and save it as its own file. I know on TMPGEnc it onlu
    plays the video and does not play the audio. This is not good since
    some of my recordings require me to hear it to get a precise point I
    want to cut out.

    2) I want to edit out all of the videos and save them in a different
    folder on my hard drive.

    3) I would like to save each video for future use. I want to name them
    in by the artist and then the video (Nelly – Hot in Here). Will this
    type of file naming work when authoring dvds?

    By doing this, I can grab what ever video's I want and make them into
    dvd's.. Make sense?

    I would really appreciate the help guys.
    Kathleen, Nov 14, 2003
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  2. Kathleen

    Bariloche Guest

    I make all my edits with Mpegvcr, and it works flawlessly.
    Bariloche, Nov 15, 2003
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