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Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by DD (Rox), Oct 17, 2005.

  1. DD (Rox)

    DD (Rox) Guest

    I've reached a point in my life where the day-to-day drone of sub-urban
    living is taking its toll on my mental health! I need something to look
    forward to, so after discussing it with the wife on the weekend, we have
    decided that we will take our first real holiday next year, and instead
    of the typical suburbanite's annual trip to the mountains we want to go
    big and visit The Big Apple - New York City!!!

    Anyway, we're planning this trip for mid-way through next year -
    sometime between May and August, which I am told is summer-time in NYC.
    I'm hoping for a 2 week stay, which will give us enough time to shake
    out the cobwebs and experience something truly mind-blowing. It'll be
    me, the wife and the two boys (15 & 8) making the journey half-way
    around the world.

    So I need information. LOADS of it!! Where to go, what to see, where to
    stay, what not to miss, what shows to see, where to eat, what to

    I've never travelled internationally and I have dreamed of visiting NYC
    ever since I was a little boy. Most people I know who have visited there
    tell me it is the ultimate excitement destination, with so much to see
    and do that if you don't find what you're looking for, you're just as
    likely to be dead!

    It'll cost me a shitload of money to bring the whole family over, but I
    look at it as being something that is totally worth saving for.

    Any input you kind folks are able to provide as we commence the planning
    would be most appreciated!
    DD (Rox), Oct 17, 2005
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  2. DD (Rox)

    Bob Hickey Guest
    The first thing I would do is send away for a subway map. The second thing
    is look on Travelocity at the hotel pictures. The hotels start at very
    expensive and go up to beyond belief. Don't forget that B&H is right in the
    heart of it. Bob
    Bob Hickey, Oct 17, 2005
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  3. DD (Rox)

    Michael Guest


    I get to NYC every 6-8 weeks or so. I am going to start compiling a
    list of must-see places and events. It will take some time to get it
    all put together, but when I do I will e-mail it to you. How much of a
    walk on the wild side do you wish to take in NYC?

    Michael, Oct 17, 2005
  4. Don't bother -- you can get one here:

    You can also pick one up free of charge at any subway station once you're
    Andrew Koenig, Oct 17, 2005
  5. The first thing I will advise is to go there in the Fall or Spring, and stay
    away during the mid Winter, and mid Summer. New York is absolutely miserable
    hot and humid during July and August, and freezing cold and wet during
    January and February.......
    William Graham, Oct 18, 2005
  6. Consider staying at a motel/hotel outside the city, near a train line that
    will get you into town in a half hour or so. The only way to travel around
    NY is by train (subway) anyway, so you might as well save money by not
    staying right in the city. I lived in Lynbrook, Long Island for about 10
    years, and My father took the train to work every day. It only took him
    about 20 minutes, and the train deposited him right into the heart of the
    subway system....As a matter of fact, he went underground soon after he got
    on the train in Lynbrook, and never saw the light of day again until he went
    into his office on the 17th floor of the Standard Oil building in
    Rockefeller Center. But whatever you do, DON'T rent a car.....That is the
    worst way to travel around NY.......
    William Graham, Oct 18, 2005
  7. DD (Rox)

    Al Dykes Guest

    I disagree about the train. If you've got the time the buses are a
    much more interesting ride. So far the police are not inspecting
    carry-on for bus rides.

    Get a 7 day MTA unlimited bus+subway pass. ( about $24) A deal. Any
    subway station has a dispensing machine. Credit cards accepted.

    Plan to take the Staten Island Ferry at either dawn or dusk on a sunny
    day. Don't worry about seeing any sights on the S.I. side, there
    aren't any. I live here. I know. :) (actually there are, but without
    a rental car they are impossible to see.)

    IMO does the best job of showing Manhattan. Zoom in.
    and print out street maps for the areas around the sites you plan to

    Plan your eating itinerary. Don't bother with the BBQ or tex-mex, IMO.
    Al Dykes, Oct 18, 2005
  8. DD (Rox)

    G.T. Guest

    I have had some decent BBQ but I haven't had any decent tex-mex,
    southwestern, or Mexican food in Manhattan.

    I've stayed in Hoboken, NJ amongst other places and Hoboken has turned out
    to be my favorite so far. Don't know if it's any cheaper but the views of
    the City are amazing, takes 10 minutes to get into the City, and I don't get
    as claustrophobic over there (growing up out west I'm more comfortable where
    I can see more than 40 ft). I've also stayed up near Englewood Cliffs, NJ
    in a small town with a train stop and it was fun, too, but a longer ride
    into town.

    One great day, this was the week of Christmas so it was damned cold but it
    still was a great day, we took the subway to Brooklyn and walked back to
    Manhattan using the Brooklyn Bridge.

    G.T., Oct 18, 2005
  9. DD (Rox)

    Al Dykes Guest

    The Circle Line boat ride around Manhattan can be great on a nice day.

    Go to a big bookstore and browse the travel section for a site-seeing
    guide to NYC that fits your interests.

    The Official NYC governemnt web site is a good place to look;
    (click on the Visitor tab)

    For obvious reasons the NYC web site has to promote all 5 boroughs
    equally. Focus on Manhattan for your first trip.
    Al Dykes, Oct 18, 2005
  10. Definitely go to a Jewish deli (ask around to find a good one) and order a
    hot pastrami on rye.....
    William Graham, Oct 18, 2005
  11. And be sure to get a potato knish with it.
    Ken Rosenbaum, Oct 18, 2005
    Ken Rosenbaum, Oct 18, 2005
  13. DD (Rox)

    Annika1980 Guest

    Day 1:

    You can save some money by staying at the Bed-Stuy Bed & Breakfast,
    right in the heart of Brooklyn.
    Walk in, flash them a big wad of money, and tell em you want the South
    African Discount. Wear lotsa jewelry as that always impresses them.
    You might even wanna show them your M6.

    Day 2:
    There ain't no Day 2.
    Annika1980, Oct 18, 2005
  14. DD (Rox)

    Jim Guest

    And a bagel with lox and a shmear...
    Jim, Oct 18, 2005
  15. DD (Rox)

    Jim Guest

    I don't know what your budget is. but, really to experience NYC you
    need to stay in it yes you can save money and stay outside of the city,
    but the travel time will eat into your total time and the some of the
    best of NYC happens after sunset. . I live in CT and visit often.
    Look around, try Priceline etc to find hotels in the city but do stay
    in Manhattan. If you are not comfortable searching on line, find a
    travel agent.... deals can be had, but there are some real dumps for
    hotels in NYC as well as some of the best in the world with prices to
    match. Plan far enough a ahead and you should be able to find decent
    hotels for 200+/- per night, and even some good ones in the lower
    100's. Beware of real bargains. Don't stay at the Radisson
    Lexington for example, or the Pennsylvania outside of of MSG. Some
    times you can find good Weekend deals at the Marriots etc which are
    located in the Business districts (i.e. they do booming business M-F,
    but a quieter on weekends).. as opposed to Marriot Marquis in Times
    Sq... Personally for pleasure trips I find hotels on 3rd to 5th
    avenue above 42nd street to be nice, sometimes expensive, but if you
    look ahead, you might find a deal. I once found a nice King size room
    at the Omni Berkshire on Madison and 52nd(?) for 189 bucks a night.. a
    little piece of luxury. The further east you go (i.e. toward 3rd),
    the quieter life gets... but I find that preferable to the living in
    the insanity of Times Sq.

    For families, you might want to look at something like one of the Suite
    Hotels. Embassy Suites outside of the World Financial Center for
    example. I have stayed there on business, and for a "normal" NYC
    hotel rate, I get two rooms (bedroom has a king size bed) the sitting
    room has a pull-out sofa, a dining table, sofas. chairs etc and there
    is a mall kitchenette like thing with a refrigerator, Microwave,
    coffeepot, sink etc. which means you can deal with breakfast in the
    room. There is room in this room for a couple more cots as well ( I
    have no clue as to the number of people per room but there is
    certainly room for a family of five here as long as the kids can stay
    in the one room with out causing a major kid war :) ) .

    check out Frommers and Fodor's travel Websites for hotel
    recommendations and traveler feedback.

    Often the Marriot Financial district (yes, it is near the site of
    WTC) has good weekend deals.

    Have fun, plan ahead, and saved you will enjoy it. Do try to get
    tick's to a Broadway show. BUT start looking now!

    Photo Ops? There are tons, but the best pictures of NYC are its
    people. Just make sure you get permission.

    Don't be afraid to do some of the touristy things. A Carriage ride
    or a walk through Central Park, the Circle Line around the island,
    even just a ferry ride to Staten Island and back, and elevator ride to
    the observation deck of the Empire State Building... a walk through
    the financial district (i.e. Wall Street, lower Broadway), Times Sq.
    the subway, any of the museums and galleries. Walk across the
    Brooklyn bridge, eat in China Town. Grab a bagel with lox and cream
    cheese... forget the street pretzels years ago, these were great;
    hot crispy on the outside warm and chewy on the inside, fresh off a
    charcoal grill. Now most are soggy, cold and flavorless. ah Well.. Go
    up to Yankee stadium, take a stroll through Monument Park and let your
    imagination run with the history. People watch!

    Leave your car at home and take the subway, bus or taxi or walk!

    NYC can be windy the long avenues and streets and tall buildings can
    create a wind tunnel effect. May and June are crap shoots. You can
    have absolutely great days and some cool rainy windy ones are also
    quite possible. July and August can be miserable. (heat...). As far
    as dress, it depends what you want to do. Certainly you can dress
    to the nines and fit right in but dressing like a slob is out. Only
    the tourists wear sweats and ill fitting clothes. Here is my NYC
    dress code. I am a 48+ male, a little overweight 6'3, 235 lb.) ..
    While I live in my jeans around home, in NYC I don't ... Just doesn't
    seem quite acceptable. I leave that attire to the younger or more trim
    crowd. I just feel more at home and comfortable in decent casual in

    You name it, it is here.
    Enjoy it.
    Jim, Oct 18, 2005
  16. DD (Rox)

    DD (Rox) Guest

    Thanks for the tip, Will. Definitely not on the agenda to rent a
    vehicle! Everyone drives on the wrong side of the road over there!
    DD (Rox), Oct 18, 2005
  17. DD (Rox)

    DD (Rox) Guest

    Hi Michael,

    That'll be really great, thanks! You can send email to anything put
    before the domain name below - I have a catchall that will send it to

    What would I like to see in NYC? Anything it can show me!! One of the
    places I would like to get a look into is CBGB's, but I believe they are
    having a problem renewing their lease, so it's likely that it might be
    closed down by the time I get there. I'm not really into punk, but I am
    a big fan of Talking Heads and I believe that's where they were

    Any information would be most welcome.
    DD (Rox), Oct 18, 2005
  18. DD (Rox)

    DD (Rox) Guest

    It can't be any worse than where I live. Our summers average around 38C
    (100F) with a discomfort index of about another 6-10 degrees on top of

    But point taken. I am just looking at the prices for hotels and they all
    seem to be cheaper from July through August. How's the weather in
    September/October? Our kids get a week off school round about that time.
    DD (Rox), Oct 18, 2005
  19. DD (Rox)

    DD (Rox) Guest

    You owe me a new keyboard! LOL!
    DD (Rox), Oct 18, 2005
  20. DD (Rox)

    DD (Rox) Guest

    Jim, that's a ton of very useful information. Thanks so much. I'm
    assuming you mean Cape Town by CT? If so, how does the NY summer compare
    to Durban's? Sounds similar, but we're used to it, so it might be an
    option for us to go there about that time.
    DD (Rox), Oct 18, 2005
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