Promaster FTD 5600 modular flash with Nikon D50

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jrblack10, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. jrblack10

    jrblack10 Guest

    I have a Nikon D50 and a 2 piece modular flash unit, FTD 5600, from
    Promaster, that was purchased years ago, prior to Digital Cameras...
    My question is can I use this flash on my D50? Will it work? Will it
    harm the D50 with any back-push during discharge? Does any one know
    if there is a new digital module base for the flash that will fit the
    FTD 5600?

    I can't find a local store that sells Promaster.

    jrblack10, Jul 19, 2007
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  2. jrblack10

    Joel Guest

    You may want to GOOGLE for the answer there you may have better chance to
    find the answer for some odd question from millions of people around the
    world. IOW, here on Usenet we may have few hundreds or few thousand users
    so the chance .

    - To have some Nikon d50 with FTD-5600 flash is pretty slim

    - Then the chance for a Nikon D50 with FTD-5600 flash to READ and response
    is even slimmer.

    When web most questions/answers can be available for months/years (instead
    of days on Usenet) so the chance is pretty high.

    Back to the main question, I am nit Nikon user and especially don't have
    FTD-5600 flash, but I can give the general information which should work
    with all flashes and cameras.

    - Most if not all cameras should be able to fire any flash. So the FTP-5600
    flash should work with your Nikon D50

    - Connection, if the hotshoe is not compatible with newer camera (most
    should) then you may need to find out which connector needs to be taped,
    disconnected etc.. or you can use PC connector.

    - Safety, you may want to find out the trigger voltage to make sure it's in
    the safe-range for digital camera. I used to use Vivita 285HV with several
    models of Olympus cameras, and I used with my Canon 20D on the first wedding
    photograhy that I didn't have the chance to get Canon flash. I shot former
    with strobes and only used Vivita 285HV at the party.

    - Is it worth the trouble? even that it would work, but I don't think it's
    worth the trouble. I would spend some $$$ for the right flash designed to
    take advantage of all newer features of the newer technology camera.

    I am not Nikon user, but I read that Nikon has pretty good flash system (a
    hair better than Canon) so the flash is more than just flashing some bright
    Joel, Jul 19, 2007
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  3. jrblack10

    jrblack10 Guest

    Ok, thanks Joel
    jrblack10, Jul 20, 2007
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