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Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by A Troll, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. A Troll

    A Troll Guest

    Why are many 'older and experienced' (as they say) such snobs about
    anything Adobe? Are they just pretending or what.
    I know of people that use PSP 8 to adjust jpgs so they can print using
    better software that CS5. I certainly do not use Adobe for PDF.

    The following is a serious sample from yahoo something:

    What an insult to Photoshop that people would suggest using Infranview or
    Faststone Photo Resizer or anything else other than PS.

    Why on earth did you buy a $500 program to resort to a free one?

    I'm shocked and embarrassed to say I am the list owner. I think I'll just
    turn off the computer and go get ready for the big game.
    A Troll, Feb 6, 2012
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