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    So why use PSP 7, 8 or 9 if you have Photoshop CS6 - some may ask.
    Those versions of PSP were the last before the program turned to ****.
    Others can explain the details.

    Photoshop has played games with their file formats in such a way that a
    perfectly good picture in PS often turns to mud or really crummy looking
    when printed - unless perhaps you have both a calibrated monitor and
    I for one do not want to screw around with that since printers do not last
    long enough or settings can not be reliably stored etc.

    I open my PSD (the standard default file format used in PS) files with PSP
    and adjust the saturation anywhere from 0 to 30. Hue or Lightness are
    generally ok as is. Then I save the file as a JPG for printing or viewing
    in other software. Works really well!

    Click Saturation.
    A quicker way is to hold down the Shift Key and then hit H to get the same
    screen. The slider(s) on this menu are 'overly sensitive' so you need to
    enter numerical values to change in small enough increments. The image
    takes several seconds to update - unlike PS that is instant.

    F12 gets the Save AS screen.

    All I need to remember about PSP.
    Good luck.
    Guest, Oct 19, 2012
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