PSP X2 Crashing On File Open Or File Batch Process

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Colin, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Colin

    Colin Guest

    I've recently installed Paintshop Pro X2 on a new PC. However for
    some reason when I click either FILE > OPEN or FILE > BATCH PROCESS it
    crashes to desktop - everytime.

    There are no errors or warnings, the whole application just instantly
    disappears as if I've just clicked FILE > EXIT. It doesn't even leave
    any dead processes in Task Manager or events in Event Viewer.

    Fortunately I can open photos in PSP X2 by dragging them into the
    application from Explorer, but this is obviously very inconvenient.
    As such I've been looking around Google and Corels support pages all
    afternoon, but frustratingly cant find anything even remotely related
    to this issue. I'm therefore not sure what I'm supposed to do next
    to sort it out. Could anyone offer any suggestions please?

    Copied below is my System Info as per the System Info button in 'About
    Paint Shop Pro X2'.

    Many Thanks,


    Paint Shop Pro Photo Build Information:
    Serial Number HIDDEN!!!!!
    Build Date 30 October 2007 @ 19:35:33
    Build Mode Release (C000104)

    Hardware Configuration:
    Processors 2
    Processor Type AMD
    MMX Support Yes

    Memory / Drive Status:
    Memory Load Index 30 pcnt.
    Total Physical Memory 2.00 GB
    Available Physical Memory 2.00 GB
    Total Paging Memory 4.00 GB
    Available Paging Memory 4.00 GB
    Total Managed Memory 5 MB
    Total Handles: 48
    Temp Drive Free Space 57.21 GB

    Video Driver Information:
    Bits Per Pixel 32
    Number of Colors 16777216
    DIB Output 24 BPP
    Palette Size Non-Paletted
    Resolution 1280 x 1024

    Operating System Information:
    Operating System Windows XP Service Pack 3

    Plug-in Information
    Filter Plug-ins Loaded: 0
    Import Plug-ins Loaded: 0
    Export Plug-ins Loaded: 0
    Format Plug-ins Loaded: 0

    DLL Name Version Load State
    CmdArtistic 12.01 None
    CmdBase1 12.01 Partial
    CmdBase2 12.01 None
    CmdBevels 12.01 None
    CmdClipboard 12.01 None
    CmdColor 12.01 None
    CmdEmail 12.01 None
    CmdExternal 12.01 None
    CmdFile 12.01 None
    CmdGeometry 12.01 None
    CmdJGL 12.01 None
    CmdLayers 12.01 None
    CmdLighting 12.01 None
    CmdNonGraphic 12.01 None
    CmdOrganizer 12.01 None
    CmdPhoto 12.01 None
    CmdPhotoSharing 12.01 None
    CmdPrint 12.01 None
    CmdPyScript 12.01 None
    CmdSelections 12.01 None
    CmdSlideshow 12.01 None
    CmdStandard 12.01 None
    CmdTexture 12.01 None
    CmdVector 12.01 None
    CmdWeb 12.01 None
    ToolArt 12.01 None
    ToolObject 12.01 None
    ToolPaint 12.01 None
    ToolSelect 12.01 None
    ToolStandard 12.01 None
    ToolText 12.01 None
    ToolWarp 12.01 None

    WinTab Tablet Status
    Driver Version: None
    Colin, Jan 20, 2009
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  2. Colin

    Dave Guest

    Don't expect much (if any) reaction on questions concerning Paintshop
    in this newsgroup. Rather make use of a relevant newsgroup.
    Dave, Jan 20, 2009
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