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Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by HGS, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. HGS

    HGS Guest

    Looking to move to either CS4 or CS5 from elements. Not looking for a
    student version. Any ideas as to the best place to purchase as cheap as
    HGS, Jun 5, 2010
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  2. HGS

    tony cooper Guest

    Don't you understand that the "student version" is the same program as
    the full version? The only difference is the price and the container.

    You may not qualify for a student version, but there's no reason not
    to purchase the student version if you qualify.
    tony cooper, Jun 5, 2010
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  3. HGS

    tony cooper Guest

    The student version could be CS4 or CS5. The student version is not a
    limited feature version as far as function. It doesn't make a
    difference as to what version you are upgrading from or to. The term
    "student version" pertains to the price you pay if you are qualified.

    I know people who have signed up for a course at a community college
    in order to qualify for the student version price. The student
    version price, plus the registration fees, are still less than the
    commercial price. Significantly. The course need not be in an area
    where Photoshop would used.
    tony cooper, Jun 6, 2010
  4. HGS

    Paul Simon Guest

    As I understand the license, there is no "upgrade" for the student edition,
    just purchase a new edition at the reduced student price, which is about the
    cost for an upgrade to the non-student version.

    Paul Simon, Jun 6, 2010
  5. HGS

    Joel Guest

    Google for the store offers the lowest price tag!
    Joel, Jun 6, 2010
  6. HGS

    Joel Guest

    Your question is not completed!

    - In the earlier day the answer is NO. Or you can't

    a. Can't use the student version for commercial use (professional)

    b. You have to upgrade to the FULL version when graduated from college

    - Now, if I understand correctly then YES

    a. You can use as professional (making money)

    b. You can upgrade to newer version, or continue using after graduated

    Before, sometime you can even be able to upgrade from the DEMO version
    came with many hardwares for between $100-150, and $150 to upgrade to
    current version from any older version. Now, Adobe limited to the last 1 or
    2 latest version (can't remember) and the upgrading price is somewhere
    around $250 (I think I only paid around $218 for CS3 to CS4).

    You may have to double check on the newer policies as they have too many
    newer policies, versions, marketing styles (forcing Photoshop users to
    upgrade to current before too late) for my old brain to keep up.
    Joel, Jun 6, 2010
  7. HGS

    Joel Guest

    Sometime the word "upgrading" alone doesn't mean much or anything, same as
    reading some answer from Adobe or Adobe's employee can be very confusing
    too. Example just the word "UPGRADE"

    1. Upgrading from "Student (discount) version" to newer "Student version"
    meaning you are still a student. Then the answer is NO, there is no lower
    price than the only lowest price

    2. Upgrading from Student version to Commerical version. As my
    understanding, before Adobe only offering the price and licence while you
    are still in school and don't use it to make money. Or they require you to
    upgrade to the commercial version with higher upgrading price

    3. Probably from CS4 (or CS3? I am not so sure), Adobe allows student to use
    as professional (making money, and I don't know the difference between
    Commercial vs Professional) and don't require you to upgrade to the
    commercial licence.

    And the upgrading price is same with the Full Version and it's about $100+
    higher than very earlier version (it was around $150 for many years). And I
    read several different answers from newer policy of newer CS# to know
    exactly what's going on (or some is not exactly what Adobe says in the
    license agreement)
    Joel, Jun 6, 2010
  8. HGS

    Rainer Latka Guest

    IIRC you can upgrade if your version is up to two versions back. The
    Adobe web site will tell you.
    Rainer Latka, Jun 6, 2010

  9. I've upgraded my student version I have from CS1 through all versions to
    CS5 at the normal upgrade prices.

    John Passaneau
    John Passaneau, Jun 7, 2010
  10. HGS

    Rainer Latka Guest

    maybe you can sell it to a collector if it's still in mint condition ;.)
    Rainer Latka, Jun 7, 2010
  11. HGS

    Joel Guest

    Thanks for the confirmation! I am/was pretty sure NOW (not before) the
    owners of Educational version can use as professional and upgrade to Full
    commercial version as regular upgrading price. But sometine I run into some
    different guessing game, and I do'nt upgrade from student version I confirm
    it myself.

    I know *before* people can upgrade the bundled version came with many
    hardwares (like printer, notebook, scanner, tablet, camera, sometime even
    hard drive etc.) to full version for only $150. Now Adobe limits to 2 older
    versions and I think this would upset quite afew Photoshop owners who don't
    make $$$$ to upgrade too often.
    Joel, Jun 8, 2010
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