Putting thin black lines round a picture?

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Eatmorepies, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Eatmorepies

    Eatmorepies Guest


    I want to put a thin black line around a photograph - and can't find how to
    in the help files or my book. I expected the command 'borders' to do the
    trick, but no.

    So; where do I look in help for a suitable command?


    Eatmorepies, Jul 22, 2006
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  2. Eatmorepies

    Roy G Guest


    There are, as usual with PS, a lot of ways. I usually just use Canvas
    Size - Relative - and add .03 inch of whatever colour.

    Roy G
    Roy G, Jul 22, 2006
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  3. Eatmorepies

    Eatmorepies Guest

    Thanks for that.

    Eatmorepies, Jul 22, 2006
  4. Eatmorepies

    tacit Guest

    The command "border" is under the "select" menu. Every command under the
    "select" menu changes a selection but makes no change at all to an
    image; the "select" menu only works on selections.

    The easiest way is to select the image and then use the Edit->Stroke
    command. The advantage this has over the Canvas Size command is that it
    does not change the size of the image.
    tacit, Jul 22, 2006
  5. Eatmorepies

    C Wright Guest

    Another very simple way: Make sure that your foreground color is set to
    black. Then Select / All, then Edit / Stroke. In the stroke dialog set
    your line to the number pixels wide that you want the line to be.
    C Wright, Jul 22, 2006
  6. Eatmorepies

    lanranger Guest

    I would recommend using "Layer > Layer Style > Stroke" in place of
    "Edit > Stroke". It usually provides the same effect with the advantage
    that it's non-destructive edit and can be adjusted or removed later. It
    can also be easily copied to other layers/images.

    The only disadvantage is layer styles affect the entire layer, but for
    the example you quoted it should work perfectly.
    lanranger, Jul 23, 2006
  7. Eatmorepies

    lanranger Guest

    I forgot one thing. If your layer fills the entire canvas you'll need
    to make sure to change the stroke option to "Inside" otherwise it will
    appear off the canvas. You probably want to do that regardless because
    it ensures you get nice crisp edges--"Outside" stroke on a rectangle
    will give you rounded corners.
    lanranger, Jul 23, 2006
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