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Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by justakid, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. justakid

    justakid Guest

    hi, was wandering if someone could lend some advice/opinions to a couple
    of Qs i have.

    1. what paper to u guys use - i have done a search and see that most
    use paper from the printer manu. EG. epson paper (weather it be gloss,
    film etc for epson paper) and canon ppp? (not too familar with canon)

    Reason i ask this is because when i was in a small business we used
    the epson 1290 - and found that the best media for us was TDK
    professional matte or gloss (220gsm from memory). it was instant dry
    and lasted quite a while - been a couple yrs now and pics i printed are
    still good.

    We also got a free pack of epson Film with our printer and were not too
    happy with the results - i mean it was good - but for the price $80 for
    10 from memory which we would have paid - i certainly had a more photo
    feel cos of the media type but image wasnt that great - what do u guys
    thing - i talked to a rep who disagreed with me stating that at a
    photographers conferences all the digi. printers used the epson film.
    so go figure.

    Please let me know what u think of TDK paper compared to what u use if
    u have used it. also some feedback on what u recommend would be good

    O and one more Q - how would something like the canon i865 compare in
    quality to the epson 1290 - in terms of photo Quality - forget abt the
    paper size and cd tray - just wandering abt quality.

    2. regarding the cd printers - any chance someone could post a pic of
    the quality of the i865 output on to a cd? i heard epson was coming out
    with a cd printer some time in late first quart/early second quarter -
    so just wandering weather i should wait or not - i have always been a
    fan of epson and not one of canon (bad experience with the canon BJC
    4000 - i know its been AGES since i had it - but hey was my first
    experience with a canon - and have just recently now began to forgive
    them heeh)

    thanks in advance for any feedback.
    justakid, Feb 10, 2004
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  2. justakid

    k Guest

    both are good papers, as the Konica. TDK is truly appalling in comparison !!

    shop around - and look at the archival photo matte from Epson - it's cheaper and
    heavier AND more archival than any other paper

    utter crap, and I'm not being a snob.. I have 3 packs here I use for cleaning
    sheets :p

    the Canon has the quality, Epson have lost the edge in photo realistic printers

    those canons were dogs, but the dog pack always changes leaders every now and
    then.. canon is the top dog at the moment.. :)

    k, Feb 11, 2004
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