Q's on Nikon FA Finger Grips and KEH ratings

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Fountainhead, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Fountainhead

    Fountainhead Guest

    Two part question:

    KEH has a number of Nikon FA's listed...some listed as being without
    Finger Grips. Other than the cosmetic factor...is that a real problem?
    The price difference is something like $60 for EX rated bodies w/wo the
    finger grip. Any FA owners care to comment on the cons of missing this
    body piece? Also, one must assume that they're not easily obtained, or
    else KEH would slap one on and charge an extra $50 for the body.

    Also, I know that KEH has a pretty good rep. But I'm having a hard time
    determining (from their canned description) what the actual differences
    would be between an EX rated body, and an EX+ rated body. Price
    difference is around $50 for the FA. Has anyone purchased a body from
    KEH that can share with me what one might expect from an EX vs EX+?

    Fountainhead, Sep 21, 2003
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  2. Fountainhead

    John Miller Guest

    As a long-time (15 years) KEH watcher and customer, my impression is that
    KEH does little or no mixing and matching of little accessories and cases,
    attachments, caps, hoods, etc. In a high-volume operation, it's probably
    more cost effective not to use time fiddling around with such things,
    particularly once items get rated, described and put into stock.
    From an EX+ you can expect no dings or finish wear-through -- small marks,
    perhaps, but no brassing. From an EX, you might have small dings or pecks
    or slight brassing (in other words, better than what is generally described
    as "mint" by many sellers :).
    John Miller, Sep 22, 2003
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  3. Fountainhead

    Waltavion Guest

    The lack of a finger grip on an FA is a fair indicator that the previous owner
    used a motor drive with the camera, since you have to remove the grip to
    install the drive.
    Other than the possible cosmetic effect, there is no hinderance to the camera's

    In my experience with KEH, there is very little difference between the Ex
    rating and the Ex+. KEH's ratings deal with the appearance of the camera and
    don't reflect the operating condition. The Ex should function as well as the

    Walt McKinney
    Waltavion, Sep 22, 2003
  4. Fountainhead

    John Miller Guest

    Yes, and just one more thing...
    ....it's my conjecture that KEH will sometimes send you a higher grade item
    than what you ordered, if the item you ordered happens to be unavailable.

    I once ordered a lens classified as "bargain" and received one that was
    clearly EX+, that is, only scarcely detectable signs of use, and flawless
    John Miller, Sep 22, 2003
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