Quality Issues With Nikon Digitals:System Error

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. I purchased a Coolpix 775 barely even a month ago. Already, it has failed. I
    get the apparently dreaded "System Error" on the LCD. The lens is fully
    retracted and will not contract back in. At first, it would not focus
    properly at all--even while pointing at a ceiling light (so it's obviously
    not an issue of darkness). Next thing, when I cut it off, I get "system
    error" and it won't budge from there--not even upon changing the Compact
    Flash card AND the battery.

    Apparently quite a few 775 owners have complained about this--which
    apparently always requires them to have the camera fixed.

    Meanwhile, while reading reviews of Coolpix models in general, frankly I get
    the feeling that they're 2nd class cameras compared in particular to the
    Canons (the 5700 being an exception to that). The Powershot G2 and G3
    especially get high marks. Even Pop Photo--not considered a credible source
    by many--nonetheless, in their recent issue comparing the 5400 to the Canon
    G5, an Olympus 5050 and a comparable Sony, while they in general stated that
    all 4 models had "extremely high image quality" nonetheless showed samples
    where apparently the 5400 has a considerably softer focus than others.

    How disappointing this has been for me, a true Nikon loyalist who also owns
    a very wonderful N80 film camera.

    Frankly, I'm toying with considering the Powershot G2 or G3 rather than the
    comparable 5000 or 5400 by Nikon. Nikon's 5700 model certainly is a
    top-performing model, but after my Coolpix 775 experience (yes, I realize
    it's but a humble 2 megapixel model), what I read in Pop Photo about the
    5400 and also reviews in general at dpreview.com, frankly I'm leaning
    towards getting a Powershot G2 or G3 insteadl of a comparable 5000 or 5400
    if I were to move up that high in the digital world. Frankly, I get the
    impression that--the 5700 aside--Canon's "rangefinder" type digitals rock
    while Nikon's totally blow.

    I know, I'm going down that "Nikon vs Canon" route. That said, any
    tips--both in terms of my Nikon impressions in general and my trouble with
    the 775?

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Sep 11, 2003
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  2. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Maze Guest

    I owned a 775 for two years, and was suitably impressed to upgrade to the
    885 which I will keep for a long time to come.
    They're great cameras! (For me anyway)
    Maze, Sep 12, 2003
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  3. Hmm. Well I guess my bad sample was something of a fluke then. Hopefully the
    dealer (or Nikon) will work with me towards a solution.

    Follow-up: I toyed around with the PowerShot G3 and the Coolpix 5400 in the
    store--the latter being one I had heard sometimes had a tendency towards
    soft focus. (Otherwise, though, the word seemed to be that overall image
    quality was as great as one would expect in a 5 megapixel in the $800
    range.) Anyway, playing around with them, as far as "feel in the hand" goes,
    I liked the 5400 a lot better. Its grip was much better, and it seemed to
    have more of a "solid" feeling.

    But even more than that, one thing about the G3 really took me back--the way
    in aperture or shutter priority it only shows either f-stop OR shutter
    speed, not both. So in aperture-priority I can see what aperture I'm
    choosing but not the shutter speed, if I wasn't using the camera improperly.
    What a crock, if true! What good is seeing one variable if I can't see the
    other one? By contrast, the 5400 very logically showed both aperture AND
    shutter speed in ALL modes, and in Program mode you should "shift" the
    combinations--which it SEEMED the G3 couldn't. If that is true, that makes
    the 5400 a vastly superior model if you ask me.

    Now about that reputed "soft focus" of the 5400.

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Sep 12, 2003
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